ManorCon Results 2016

Diplomacy Results

2016 saw the Diplomacy drop to just 7 players playing one game. Unless there are signs of a resurgence at MidCon, this will therefore be the last ManorCon Diplomacy Tournament.

AustriaDave Simpson7
EnglandGraeme Murphy11
FranceChris Martin1
GermanyMick Haytack2
ItalyAndrew Havery5
RussiaDavid Norman4
TurkeyTony Sait4

Congratulations to Graeme on winning the game and the tournament.


The 18XX tournament had 24 players playing 21 games, a big increase from last year. The games included three 1822, two 18Africa, two 1824, two 18MainLine, two 1861 and one each of 1817, 18Dixie, 1858, 1846, 1761, 1837, 18Ard, 18BF, 1867 and 18GB. Although Danny Victor had four wins from five games, he was let down by a poor result in the fifth game. However, Lyndon Gurr had three outstanding wins and a solid result in a fourth game. Congratulations to Lyndon on winning the tournament for the second year running.

1Lyndon Gurr43114.92
2Danny Victor5499.54
3Ian D. Wilson5397.89
4Jon Draper6289.58
5Steve Thomas6288.94
6Dave Berry3184.79
7Colin Smith2177.52
8Richard Clyne2070.77
9Marcus Barbor2160.52
10Jon Hopkins4159.60
11Stephen Webb5059.03
12Peter Eldridge5157.23
13Ian Hayward2154.05
14John Boocock5153.33
15Geoff Hardingham4051.97
16Chris Dawe1048.97
17Hamish Hamilton1048.94
18Paul Richards1046.64
19Francis Tresham2037.47
20Dave Thorby5035.15
21Geoff Thomas3015.40
22Helen Cheal2013.01
23Ken Simpson40-4.38
24Don Smith40-9.65

The game results can be seen here


There was a very disappointing number of entries to this year's Challenge Cup: only three people entered. Many thanks to Stuart Stafford, Andy Bate and Martin Burroughs for trying. With such a low number of entrants, the format was changed to a round robin, where each player played the other two, yielding three qualifying games. The best two players would then go forward to the Final.

The first two games involved Martin Burroughs in both, and unfortunately, he lost both matches. The results were:

Stuart Stafford beat Martin Burroughs 14-5
2.Andy Bate beat Martin Burroughs 14-8

This rendered the third game superfluous, and Stuart and Andy played off in the Challenge Cup Final. The result was:

Stuart Stafford beat Andy Bate 14-6

Congratulations to Stuart on winning the ManorCon Challenge trophy.

Stuart went on to play current ManorCon Champion Mick Haytack in the ManorCon Champions Final. The result was:

Mick Haytack beat Stuart Stafford 14-3

Congratulations to Mick on winning the ManorCon Champions trophy.


The Nippon tournament was run by Paul Grogan from Gaming Rules! and sponsored by What's Your Game. Eight players played in a two-round knock-out tournament. Congratulations to Andrew Pearce for winning the tournament.

Prodigals Club

The Prodigals Club tournament was run by Paul Grogan from Gaming Rules! and sponsored by Czech Games Edition. Eight players played in a two-round knock-out tournament. Congratulations to Andrew Pearce for winning the tournament.

Midnight Party

3 games - at Midnight on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

1Mike Townsend965.00
2Dave Holmes6854.75
3Ian Wilson7834.50
3John Mitchell41044.50
5Steve Guest3674.00
6Gail Baker52.50
7Gemma Haigh42.00
8Allan Bellamy31.50
9Chris Burnham21.00
9Dave Cowie211.00
9Timothy Luffingham21.00
12Oliver Riley10.50
12Stuart Malaure10.50

Treasure Hunt

Five teams tried to Escape from Leicester, in a treasure hunt spanning 2 hours and 3 rooms. The winners were Dan Lester, Dave Percik, Chris Martin, Mark Rigby-Jones and Robin Walters. Robin has agreed to run next year's treasure hunt.

Pop Quiz

The Pop Quiz took a different format for 2016, with no overall winners, just a winner for every round. Congratulations to all the winning teams, whos prizes included everything from 4 halves from the bar, to a packet of Beef Jerky! Special mention to Martin Burroughs, Dave Gittins, John Gates and Ruth Clinton for winning several rounds.