Second Hand Games Sale (SHGS)

Manorcon provides an opportunity for buyers and sellers of second-hand games to meet and complete transactions. The second-hand games sale will be open from 4pm on Friday 19 July 2024 until 10am on Monday 22 July 2024. Sellers will be able to place their games in Room 3 in Freemen’s City Reception from 3pm and potential buyers will be able to peruse the games at their leisure throughout the convention. The room will be locked each night from 9pm to 9:30am.

Buyers will contact the sellers and pay them directly, with ManorCon providing suitable space for the games. Games are sold as seen and the transaction is between the buyer and the seller. ManorCon accepts no responsibility for any damage or missing components in items sold.

Please do not bring games as new/in shrink which shall be available for sale by the onsite Retailer to sell at the SHGS. We do understand that some games you have may be as new / in shrink that not available in retail and these are allowed.

For those with multiple games or who only want to bring the games they know they are selling due to size, there is an SHGS Google Sheet for you to enter your game details ahead of time, when entering your contact details please be aware that the sheet is public and ManorCon have no control over who accesses it.

Full instructions for buyers and sellers can be downloaded here.