ManorCon Results 1999

Well it was an interesting ManorCon. After an uneventful Friday, Saturday morning saw everything happen. First Iain Bowen decided that he had had enough of the tournament, and walked out at the start of the round. And then David Norman, who had taken over from Iain, decided that he was too ill, and also had to step down. Fortunately, Nick Kinzett was able to take over, and run the tournament through to its conclusion.

Anyway, on with the results.

Individual Diplomacy Results

1Dan Lester45.168.0846.3791.52
2Jim Mills50.5020.3130.3580.85
3Phil Day16.2429.5847.3276.90
4Ivan Woodward16.4529.0437.7566.79
5Simon Bouton35.2122.0531.0866.29
6Dave Horton31.8429.4326.8161.27
7Dave Wreathall0.0036.7522.3159.06
8Connor Kostick30.3527.5616.0957.91
9Duncan Adams0.0034.9418.0953.04
10Gihan Bandaranaike33.330.4018.5351.86
11Iain McLellan45.163.962.9649.12
12Nick Chilton24.2424.670.0048.91
13Chetan Radia13.0334.280.0047.31
14Emeric Miszti0.0022.0521.7943.84
15Simon Hornby9.3429.580.5038.91
16Colin Smith12.4526.180.0038.63
17Guy Thomas0.7025.6812.1537.83
18Rick Desper15.6021.130.9036.74
19Geoff Bache0.0025.199.5634.75
20Richard Williams0.9029.304.2333.53
21Leif Bergman7.2013.4418.7532.19
22Ken Bottomer22.868.150.0031.01
23Nigel Pepper4.2925.090.6029.38
24Mike Calcutt0.0014.6713.1527.82
25Jeremy Tullett15.5111.550.0027.06
26Declan Waters6.0620.485.4526.55
27Doug Massie9.3416.745.2126.08
28Steve Jones13.0310.570.0023.61
29Geraint Morgan0.804.1318.7522.88
30Danny Collman0.000.3022.5822.88
31Phil Ward7.9113.325.6521.22
32Paul Clayson0.0019.790.9020.69
33Mike Brunt16.454.131.0020.58
34Mike Pollard13.206.540.0019.74
35John Stratford10.239.271.1019.50
36Bjorn Von Knorring15.603.710.4019.31
37Richard Turner5.4513.440.0018.88
38Yann Clouet0.300.5016.0916.59
39Henrik Andersson13.030.700.0013.73
40Mark Wightman0.9010.570.0011.47
41Keith Smith9.800.500.9010.70
42John College1.100.700.001.80
43Vick Hall1.000.700.001.70
44Eve Smith0.600.600.501.20
45Philip Gardner0.700.500.001.20
46Geoff Simmons0.400.000.500.90
Pete Mason0.0029.580.0029.58
Paul Spurgeon0.0020.480.0020.48
Ronnie Tan20.130.000.0020.13
Andrew Greco0.0018.310.0018.31
Emily Bache0.000.0018.0918.09
Mark Sheiham0.0017.610.0017.61
Gary Duke0.0016.590.0016.59
Peter Hawkins0.0014.340.0014.34
Dave Percik0.0013.440.0013.44
Steve Cox0.0010.570.0010.57
Paul Oakes0.
Rob Lozynskyj0.
James Pinnion0.005.300.005.30
Shaun Derrick0.004.630.004.63
Tony Dickinson0.004.590.004.59
Peter Hazlehurst0.003.430.003.43
John Marsden0.000.900.000.90
Phil Williams0.000.800.000.80
David Norman0.700.000.000.70
Paul Cridland0.700.000.000.70
Chris Robey0.000.600.000.60
Dylan O'Donnell0.000.000.600.60
James Hardy0.000.500.000.50

Team Diplomacy Results

Milennium Doom130.47
Box Frenzy110.55
Fredrik Ljungberg94.73
Oxford University64.88
Eve 'nus36.53

Best Countries

AustriaIvan Woodward9 Centres
EnglandPhil Day16 Centres
France Dave Wreathall12 Centres
GermanySimon Bouton10 Centres
Italy Dan Lester17 Centres
Russia Phil Day11 Centres
Turkey Iain McLellan17 Centres

Tournament Directors Award

For, as Austria, simultaneously attacking Russia, Turkey, Italy and Germany, and only starting to go down when England started attacking him :
Duncan Adams


Kevin McGowan14Kevin McGowan14Kevin McGowan14Kevin McGowan14Kevin McGowan
Chris Dearlove1
Mick Haytack14Mick Haytack2
Richard Clyne6
James Hardy14James Hardy14James Hardy3
Geoff Brown8
Duncan AdamsDuncan Adams13
Mark Derrick
Roy ParksRoy Parks14Roy Parks3Gary Duke8
Maria Derrick
Martin BoroughsW*Martin Boroughs11
Stephen AgarL*
Mark Jones14Mark Jones5Gary Duke14
Chris Boote7
Gary Duke14Gary Duke14
Steve Bond6

Intimate Diplomacy

Chetan RadiaGermanybeatRussiaSteve Jones
Colin SmithAustriaItalyRichard Williams
Chetan RadiaTurkeyAustriaColin Smith
Simon HornbyAustriaTurkeyPhil Williams
Chetan RadiaFranceAustriaSimon Hornby
Dave WreathallFranceGermanyDuncan Adams
Geoff BacheTurkeyAustriaJames Pinnion
Yann ClouetRussiaGermanyNick Kinzett
Geoff BacheTurkeyFranceYann Clouet
Bjorn Von KnorringRussiaItalyNick Kinzett
Chetan RadiaFranceItalyNick Kinzett
Chetan RadiaTurkeyAustriaStephen Agar
Chetan RadiaAustriaEnglandGeoff Bache
Simon HornbyAustriaTurkeyChetan Radia

1Chetan Radia6 wins from 70.67
2Geoff Bache2 wins from 30.40
3Simon Hornby2 wins from 30.40
4Dave Wreathall1 win from 10.33
5Bjorn Von Knorring1 win from 10.33
6Colin Smith1 win from 20.25
7Yann Clouet1 win from 20.25

Die Siedler Von Catan

2Chetan Radia4639.4
3Duncan Adams2338.8
4David Smith2237.8
5Len George2437.0
6Dave Horton2336.9
7Simon Bouton2333.8
8Dave Percik1233.2
9Martyn Skillern2233.1
10Yann Clouet32.4
11John Todd2531.9
12Cecilia Malstem2631.0
13Paul Spurgeon1230.3
14Bob Coull29.3
15Phil Williams2429.1
16Colin Smith1428.8
17Susie Horton1328.7
18Ronnie Tan1327.7
19Matthew Greet1326.9
20Jeff Edmunds1326.2
21Declan Waters1325.4
22Martin Holden1325.1
23Harald Stieling24.2
24Gordon Sweeney24.2
25Philip Gardner24.1
26Geraint Morgan24
27Don Smith23.6
28Mick Haytack23.5
29Liz Barber23.4
30Rick Desper22.7
31Wendy Riley22.7
32James Pinnion22.5
33Ivan Woodward22.5
34Bill Mayling22.4
35Henrik Andersson21.9
36Vick Hall21.8
37Geoff Simons21.8
38Emily Bache20.8
39Mark Stretch20.8
40Peter Hawkins20.7
41Steve Jones20.1
42Jon Blackwell20
43Iain Drylie19.8
44Chris Dearlove19.7
45Richard Collins18.2
46Bjorn von Knorring17.9
47Willem Moene17.7
48Chris Dickson16.3
49Gary Duke15.4
50Gihan Bandaranaike15.3
51Cath Fantom14.9
52Emeric Mistzi14.3
53Dave Wreathall14.3
54Richard Clyne13.6
55Roy Gautchfield13.6
56Tom Lancaster13.4
57Shaun Derrick13
58Luke Ellis12.9
59Iain Alexander12.8
60Chris Green12.8
61Duncan Coull11.5
62Sid Ramage11.3
63Richard Beattie11.2
64Boudewion van Schalwyk11.2
65Paul Sands10.9
66Philip Honeybone10.9
67Tony Hetherington10.6
68Nigel Pepper10.6
69Keith Loveys10.4
70Richard Turner10.3
71Gill Bridgment9.6
72Tony Edwards9.6
73Ian Wilson9.6
74Doug Massie9.5
75Dave Anthony9.1
76Derek Wilson9.1
77David Cowie9
78Roy Parks9
79John Brakewell8.6
80Paul Cridland8.6
81Jim Mills8.4
82Dave Norman7.4
83John Stafford6.3
84Tony Bromley6
85Ian Harris5

Euphrat & Tigris

1Shaun Derrick2206.666666667
2Luke Ellis6426
3Alan Sharples2165.333333333
4Geoff Bache3143.5
5Geoff Simons4163.2
6Emily Bache282.666666667
7Neil Duncan262


35 players played a total of 20 games

1Dave Anderson6.00
2Willem Moene5.67
3David Smith5.00
4=Peter Vogelzung4.25
4=Steve Thomas4.25
4=Jeff Edmunds4.25


20 Players played a total of 7 games.

1Bill Mayling119
2Philip Honeybone114
3Gery McLauchlin96


44 players played a total of 18 games

1Willem Moene214
2Ian Pendlebury147
3Len George137
4Jeff Edmunds129
5David Smith126

Pop Quiz

Paul Oakes, Peter Stanton, Mick Haytack, Dave Carter
2=The Punning Clan122
4Seven Tees116
63 Mans Frenzy101.5
72.5 Beards and Alan100.5
83 Fat Bastards98.5

Weekend Quiz

14 teams, of which 8 completed all three days.

1The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and the Stupid40
Steve Bond, John Todd, Simon Craddock, David Smith
2Possibly Maybe34
Martin Borroughs, Tony Dickinson
3You can not be serious32.5
Peter Stanton, Mick Haytack