2 p.m. Friday 18th to 2 p.m. Monday 21st July 1997

at Lake Hall, Birmingham University, England


Firstly, I really ought to apologise for the delay in the production of this results booklet. I originally hoped to get this booklet out sometime in August, but sadly with one thing and another good intentions fell by the wayside and here we are at the end of October! My biggest failing was not chasing up the various tournament organisers for their results sooner. Second mistake was getting most of the results together and then having to promptly jet off on holiday to the States. Next year my whip will be cracking fairly rapidly to get the organisers to send me the results earlier, although I should hastily add not everyone can be tarred with a trady brush! Most of the delay has been my fault for which I apologise again. At least all my savings are now blown so there won't be anymore lengthy hols to worry about.

Anyhow, before I add my thoughts on the Diplomacy and Manorcon in general, I think Iain would like his say first. Well he is the one who adjudicated the dip and besides not only is he bigger than me he's also promised to take me out to lunch...............

Vick Hall

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The Diplomacy Results

There were 28 boards in 3 rounds played by 90 players, of which 66 qualified for the individual tournament, a considerable increase on last year's numbers (15 players and 8 boards). I felt that the standard of play was quite high as well and with the exception of a bit of confusion on Sunday morning, all of the organisational arrangements went very well.

It was interesting to see just how much the top ten had changed this year, last year saw big changes in that area, and this year just reinforced the. Only 3of the names could be regarded as the "old Guard" and one of those has been in retirement for some time. A"New Guard" appears to be rising to the fore and combined with a selection of very powerful overseas players, it does make the tournament much more interesting. I look forward to next year with relish.

I've learnt a few more things, which is that when people advocate a top board, they don't want to be on it. It was an interesting experiment and not one that I think I will repeat. I must also remember to put on the sign-up sheets, please print your name in capital letters. At least one person lost out on a game because I'm not very good at joined up writing. I've checked the results long and hard but I expect that someone will spot a typo somewhere.

I'd like to thank Nick Kinzett for his help on the Saturday, David Norman for his help with some of the scoring, Peter Sullivan and Kath Collman for bringing me drinks, Peter Corlett for rescuing me each evening to an oasis of sanity and finally y'all for turning up and putting up another hard fought show. Let's try for 32 boards and 100 players next year.

Iain Bowen

Best Country Awards

Best Austria Pascal Montagna 11 centres, Round 3, Top Board
Best England Peter Hawkins 14 centres, Round 2, Board 4
Best France Mark Wightman 14 centres, Round 3, Board 3
Best Germany Vick Hall 15 centres, Round 3, Board 8
Best Italy Simon Hornby 12 centres, Round 3, Board 6
Best Russia Pascal Montagna 11 centres, Round 2, Board 3
Best Turkey Colin Smith 12 centres, Round 3, Board 2

Best Newcomer

Andrew Greco

Tournament Director's Award

For recovering from three years on 2 sc's, to end the game in second place on 8 sc's:
David Norman

Round Winners

Round One Winner Phil Day
Round Two Winner Peter Hawkins
Round Three Winner Mark Wightman

Winning Team

The Freaky Fungus (Captain : Toby Harris)

Individual Winner

Mark Wightman

Teams Positions

The Freaky Fungus 182.96
A Little Original Sin 154.86
The Cunning Plan 144.34
Bismark Babes 118.96
SNOT 105.34
Whad Whilja Stabbisterna 84.06
Cambridge University 84.01
Oxford University 77.34
Box Frenzy 72.91
GCHQ 80.87
Who Me 45.82
One Man's Rubbish 30.01

Overall Result of the Individual Diplomacy

(Top Twenty only. The figure in brackets is the round dropped)

Name Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Total
Mark Wightman (15.08) 30.27 47.02 77.29
Phil Day 48.73 25.19 (7.37) 73.92
Peter Hawkins 46.37 25.09 71.46
Pascal Montagna (12.87) 35.35 36.06 71.41
Vick Hall (22.49) 25.19 45.74 70.93
Andrew Greco 39.25 26.39 65.64
Colin Smith (8.73) 25.29 36.49 61.78
Simon Hornby 26.71 (3.99) 35.02 61.73
Adam Harris 26.39 32.55 (4.18) 54.93
Per Westling 32.64 25.09 (22.31) 57.73

Before we move on to the rest of the results, I'd like to thank Iain on behalf of all the players for running such a smooth event. Us newbie organisers certainly know its not as easy to arrange as Iain constantly makes it seem. Trying a top board at the Convention was a good idea. It is something I have always been in favour of and I sadly just missed my chance of getting on to it this year! Consensus would appear to be though that if you are going to run a final day top table then the overall Tournament winner should come from this table and not from the 'lesser' tables. This gives the players a drive in the earlier rounds to ensure that they are on the top table and not holding back for a perceived easier passage. As Iain mentioned the competition this year and the standard of play overall was far greater than in the past and if the winner has to come from the top table then the earlier rounds are going to be even more competative.

The drawbacks are that if the winner has to come from the top table, then the other games in that round are somewhat diminished and I always feel that it adds to the event if someone can still come from virtually nowhere on the last day and still win the event. Many players are still in with a chance of winning, not just the top seven and this has to be a good thing. The other difficulty at Manorcon is that one of the two earlier rounds is also dominated by the most prestigious Team Dip Event in the World and the way people play in that round is undoubtedly affected by team considerations. So maybe dropping the top board is no bad thing.

A brief mention has to be made here to the fact that the Team Dip was won by Team Fungus (formally the Also Rans/Last Year's Winners). To win this event two years in sucession was some feat. Having never been done before. Winning it three years in a row will probably never be done again and so is pretty mind-blowing.

Manorcon is by far the most important Diplomacy convention in the UK, so it is good to see that the event is growing. Let's hope it does continue. You can rest assured that everyone involved in running the event will try hard to ensure it does so.

Of course, the Diplomacy was not the only sucessful event of the Convention.

Die Siedler von Catan Tournament

organised by Nick Parrish

By any standards, the Die Siedler von Catan tournament was again a great sucess. By Saturday night, 50 games had been completed and I was a gibbering wreck, anticipating a final tally of 70+ games. In the event, many fewer tourament games were played on the Sunday (I have no idea why) but the final tally of 58 was still well up on last year's 46. Together with non-tournament and the non-eligible Seefahrer variant games, I estimate that 75 games of Siedler and variants were played over the weekend. In all, 96 people took part in tournament games, and the final results were as follows:

Name Played Won Score
1 Duncan Adams 4 4 48.55
2 D Horton 5 4 46.48
3 L George 5 4 41.25
3 L George 5 4 41.25
4 M Butcher 2 2 39.30
5 M Sheiham 5 4 37.79
6 T Harris 3 2 37.64
7 C Smith 4 2 36.86
8 S Jones 7 3 34.95
9 N Kendrick 5 2 34.85
10 T Hetherington 6 3 34.07
11 B Mayling 7 2 33.50
12 E Read 6 2 32.56
13 T Reusch 4 2 32.51
14 N Kinzett 2 1 31.59
15 T Lancaster 4 2 31.29
16 R Biddle 3 1 31.01
17 M Dave 3 1 30.50
18 J Ferguson 2 1 30.48
19 M Skillern 3 1 29.96
20 N Holford 6 2 29.88

I enjoyed running the tourament and look forward to doing so again next year. As several people have pointed out, the scoring system still needs further tweaking and anyone with any suggestions should feel free to put them to me at 189 Battersea Bridge Road, London SW11 3AS. Finally, hertfelt thanks to Chris Dickson for writing the computer program which made scoring the tournament so quick and easy, and to Mark Stretch for helping me process the results.

Croquet Tournament

organised by Steve Jones

Overall, 14 players entered.

First Round Kevin McGowan defeated Ken Bottomer 14-4
Jeff Bryant defeated Chris Dearlove 14-9
Nick Parrish defeated Chris Green 14-3
Louise Auty defeated James Hardy 14-11
Mark Jones defeated Adrian Maddox 14-4
John Colledger defeated Mick Haytack 14-10
Martin Bates defeated Simon Hornby 14-11
Quarter Finals Kevin McGowan defeated Jeff Bryant 14-6
Nick Parrish had a bye
Mark Jones defeated Louise Auty 14-13
Martin Bates defeated John Colledge 14-12
Semi-Finals Kevin McGowan defeated Nick Parrish 14-9
Mark Jones defeated Martin Bates 14-0
Final Kevin McGowan defeated Mark Jones 14-1

Congratulations to Kevin for winning the Croquet for the first time and commiserations to Mark. Many thanks to everyone for playing.

Outpost Tournament

organised by Dane Maslen

There were 9 results submitted, involving a total of 32 players. The top ten players are listed below. All the other players only played one game.

Name Played Score
1 Len George 4 128
2 Jeff Edmunds 3 122
3 Derek Wilson 6 113
4 Colin Harden 3 111
5 Iain Alexander 3 93
6 David Smith 1 78
7 Chris Green 1 77
8 Simon Craddock 1 75
9 Dave Goldthorpe 1 70
10 Tony Hetherington 1 59

Acquire Tournament

organised by Dane Maslen

Name Played Score
1 Mark Sheiham 4 149
2 Simon Bouton 4 138
3 Mark Jordan 5 127

And that almost rounds it up. At least for the results that I do have. Of the other tournaments, I seem to recall that Chris Dickson won the United, which is a fairly good acheivement despite a spate of NMR's!!

The Intimate Dip was won by Geoff Bache (Turkey) in a closely contested final with James Pinnion (France). Actually, I haven't a clue if it was closely contested or not, but as the Intimate Dip is over several hard-fought rounds, they both did well to get to the final in the first place.

That really is it. Hope to see you all next year...........

Vick Hall