14.00 Friday 19th to 14.00 Monday 22nd July 1996

at Lake Hall, Birmingham University, England


The Chairman Dances

Firstly, I'd like to thank you all for attending what I felt to be an excellent ManorCon. 255 gamers gathered together in Birmingham for a weekend of fun and games. Numbers were slightly up on last year's attendance which is encouraging at a time when the Hobby is a lot quieter than it used to be.

As is customary, we seemed to have scorching hot weather, although there was a bit of a cooling wind which caused me all sorts of problems with the Diplomacy stationery, although for most attendees I assume that it was nothing more than a great relief. Things went very smoothly, as usual, as the team got into gear to run another event. I found the event rather different this year, as I am now living in the City of Birmingham again - which meant that except on the Friday night when I stayed over, I was actually at home - which with the need to be in for 8a.m. to get the Diplomacy area set up and scavenge things from the cleaners, meant some very early starts. There's nothing like waiting at a bus stop of 6.30 on a Sunday morning to get you all ready for a day's Dip. It was also unusual in that I had quite a lot on my mind, with a biopsy for cancer on the evening of the final day of ManorCon. In a way, having the convention with its fast pace and plenty to keep me occupied was a good way to stop me brooding about what was to happen to me. I would say, sorry to anyone whom I was bad tempered to, but as I'm perennially bad-tempered during the team round, then it probably wouldn't make a stuff of difference. Anyway, I have the all-clear now.

There was what is now becoming a usual disappointment with the bar extension, this year we decided not to even apply as Birmingham Magistrates do not seem to want to grant such things as extensions for anything but a formal meal. City Centre pubs even had problems during Euro '96 in getting midnight licenses - so poor old ManorCon didn't stand a chance. So much for the international image that the Council keep on portraying. However, for those who ventured off the campus, the increase in restaurants and cafe's in the relatively nearby Brindleyplace/Broad Street areas just continues to add to the appeal of the event.

Once again, there were slight problems at the start of the con with people arriving before 2pm; we officially only open the doors at 2pm and are only allowed access for the committee and helpers from noon. For next year, please don't arrive before 2pm, because we aren't ready for you and officially, you shouldn't be there.

We were a little disappointed with Just Games not turning up as planned, which obviously limited the prizes that we normally give out. I understand that they had staffing problems and had to withdraw that the last moment, I realise that this is disappointing for people - especially those who wish to purchase games. We will endeavour to make sure that they are attending the next ManorCon.

The big success this year was obviously Die Siedler van der Catan with well over 70 games played many of them in the tournament. Nicholas Parish (the director) had a bit of a job with that one, but managed extremely well and has promised a revamped tourney for next year. Also for next year will be a few minor changes to the format of the Diplomacy and possibly some new events (although as usual, we are always looking for volunteers to run events). Obviously, we shall keep you abreast of any changes to the list of tournaments and events through our regular Progress Reports in the Spring and early summer which you receive if you are registered for the convention.

Sadly, I have to report the retirement of committee stalwart Ken Simpson, Ken has been invaluable over the last few years - especially with the changeover from the RJW junta to the Sullivan/Bowen regime and we will miss him. Apart from keeping the committee sane and stable, his main role that you will have seen was the setting up and running for the first few years of the Second hand games sale, which has become a popular and integral part of ManorCon. Alan Parr has been running this for the last couple of years and we are committed to it continuing.

However, the good news is that Ken's replacement is to be Nick Kinzett - you would have thought that Nick (with his previous spell on the committee) would have known better, but there you go. Nick will be acting in much of Ken's previous "ideas" role, but also helping me with the Diplomacy Tournament and relieving me of the burden that is Intimate Tournament. I'm sure that Nick's usual boundless enthusiasm will be applied to this and turn the tournament around from the sideline which it has become.

To remind you all of next year's event, a flyer and booking form is included. The all-important dates are the 18th to the 21st of July, 1997. I look forward to seeing you there.

Next Year's ManorCon

I'm pleased to be able to tell you that we have managed to wheedle a little extra discount out of the University in order to keep the price increases down to a mere 50p per night for those staying at the Hall of Residence. We have also managed to negotiate the use of Lake Hall for the foreseeable future, over the last few years we have been very happy with the staff and facilities at Lake and the Lake staff have been very happy to have us there. We have been under threat of moving from venue to venue at the Vale site for the last couple of years, to fit in with the various larger conference arrangements that the University make, and therefore we are pleased that Peter and Kath have managed to negotiate this deal with the help of the Hall Manageress who enjoys having us.

Current Tournaments - the majority of current tournaments and events will be running next year. The new 18xx tournament was a great success and will run again next year and the Die Siedler von der Catan tournament was a roar-away success and Nick Parrish has been sent away into a darkened room to try to work out a scoring system that takes in the six player version. With Nick Kinzett taking over the Intimate Diplomacy, it will be expanded to 16 players with pre-registration. Nick and I have also arranged some discussions on the current Diplomacy scoring system and tournament format and the changes will be relayed to people in the progress reports.

New Tournaments: We shall continue to look for ideas for New Tournaments at ManorCon. However, if you have an idea for a tournament or event at the convention and may be willing to run it. Just contact myself or Peter and tell us about it, we will be more than happy to hear from you.

A final note, Peter and I have both moved rather frequently in the last few months, so to help you all out. Our changes of address are listed on the next page

See y'all next year

Iain Bowen, ManorCon Chairman

The Results


Round 1, Friday pm, 35 players
Director: Iain Bowen

I was rather pleased with this years tournament, whilst the team round has remained smaller than I had hoped, the increase in the other two rounds has been gratifying. The commitment of players to Diplomacy has been outstanding

Board 1 (Game ended Autumn 1906)
Austria Emeric Mistzi 3 8.56
England David Norman 6 17.59
France Duncan Adams 6 17.59
Germany Gary Duke514.12
Italy Paul Richards26.48
Russia Toby Harris514.12
Turkey Mark Wightman721.53
Board 2 (Game ended Autumn 1908)
Austria Jon Draper00.7
England Ivan Woodward1027.96
FranceDan Lester36.63
Germany Mike Collins1027.96
Italy Joe Eagle13.76
Russia Neil Kendrick00.5
Turkey Richard Williams1027.96
Board 3 (Game ended Autumn 1909)
Austria Francis Nuttman 5 11.64
England Vick Hall 10 29.77
France Vesa Virri 0 0.8
Germany Christopher Dearlove 10 29.77
Italy Steve Bibby 7 17.75
Russia Mark Sheiham 1 4.01
Turkey Andrew Wroe 1 4.01
Board 4 (Game ended Autumn 1907)
AustriaJeremy Tullett511.78
EnglandKen Bottomer1240.15
FranceMalcolm Dow717.95
GermanyThomas Franke00.5
ItalyBob Holliday49.27
RussiaEdward Robinson00.5
TurkeyDave Horton614.67
Board 5 (Game ended Autumn 1910)
AustriaSimon Bouton716.35
EnglandKeith Hiscox1447.18
FranceMike Jordan00.7
GermanyPete Duxon13.7
ItalyMichelle Duncan510.74
RussiaRoderick Easton00.7
TurkeySusie Horton716.35
Top 10 positions after Round 1
1. Keith Hiscox 47.18
2. Ken Bottomer 40.15
3= Vick Hall 29.77
3= Christopher Dearlove 29.77
5= Ivan Woodward 27.96
5= Mike Collins 27.96
5= Richard Williams 27.96
8. Mark Wightman 21.53
9. Malcolm Dow 17.95
10 Steve Bibby 17.75
Round 2, Saturday, 63 players
Teams were as follows
Bismarck Babes Guy Thomas BB
One Man's Rubbish Mark Stretch OMR
Box Frenzy Gary Duke Box
Scratch Team Thomas Franke Scr
Last Year's Winners Toby Harris LYW
Oxford Jeremy Tullett Oxf
The Cunning Plan Neil Duncan TCP
Springboard Danny Collman Spr
SNOT James Hardy SNOT
Board 1 (Game ended Autumn 1905)
AustriaMike CollinsBB517.5
EnglandSusie HortonOMR719.06
FranceRoderick EastonBox14.30
GermanyMatt McVeighScr1031.97
ItalyToby HarrisLYW49.89
RussiaMathew BarrattOxf00.3
TurkeyMichelle DuncanTCP719.06
Board 2 (Game ended Autumn 1909)
AustriaNick ParishOMR1032.64
EnglandSimon HornbyBox615.90
FrancePete KennedyScr14.39
GermanyShaun DerrickLYW823.43
ItalySteve CoxOxf25.86
RussiaNeil DuncanTCP37.74
TurkeyPete DuxonSpr410.04
Board 3 (Game ended Autumn 1905)
AustriaDavid NormanBox822.49
EnglandVesa VirriScr00.4
FranceEmeric MisztiLYW926.71
GermanySandra BondOxf822.49
ItalyDoug RoodTCP615.26
RussiaFrancis NuttmanSpr25.62
TurkeyBob HollidaySNOT14.22
Board 4 (Game ended Autumn 1910)
AustriaNeil KendrickSNOT1340.44
EnglandDave WreathallBB1026.62
FranceMark SheihamOMR819.11
GermanyMike CalcuttBox13.58
ItalyThomas FrankeScr24.78
RussiaVick HallLYW00.7
TurkeyJeremy TullettOxf00.4
Board 5 (Game ended Autumn 1910)
AustriaRay SmithSpr00.6
EnglandColin SmithSNOT1029.10
FranceMike JordanBB717.35
GermanyMark 2 WightmanOMR00.7
ItalyGary DukeBox36.9
RussiaColin JacksonScr36.9
TurkeyAndrew MossLYW1133.77
Board 6 (Game ended Autumn 1906)
AustriaColin HobbsTCP26.01
EnglandJon DraperSpr616.31
FranceDuncan AdamsSNOT26.01
GermanyGuy ThomasBB928.54
ItalyStephen MasseyOMR513.09
RussiaKeith HiscoxBox26.01
TurkeyNic ChiltonScr824.03
Board 7 (Game ended Autumn 1905)
AustriaJoe EagleOxf719.7
EnglandMark WightmanTCP823.73
FranceEdward RobinsonSpr00.4
GermanyJames HardySNOT719.7
ItalyRichard WilliamsBB719.7
RussiaDave HortonOMR37.84
TurkeyPaul ClaysonBox25.93
Board 8 (Game ended Autumn 1905)
AustriaJohn ColledgeLYW924.63
EnglandRob LozynskyjOxf924.63
FranceIvan WoodwardTCP924.63
GermanyAndy HillSpr00.4
ItalyMick HaytackSNOT00.4
RussiaPhil DayBB717.22
TurkeyMark StretchOMR00.4
Board 9 (Game ended Autumn 1910)
AustriaMalcolm DowScr512.76
EnglandBob KendrickLYW1032.64
FranceDan LesterOxf823.43
GermanyTony DickinsonTCP00.5
ItalyKen BottomerSpr410.04
RussiaSteve JonesSNOT410.04
TurkeySimon BoutonBB37.74
Team results
1.Last Year's Winners*151.72
2. Bus Boss 134.67
3. SNOT 110.01
4. The Cunning Plan 96.93
5. Oxford 96.91
6. One Man's Rubbish 92.84
7. Scratch Team 85.23
8. Box Frenzy 55.22
9. Springboard 43.51

*(John Colledge, Bob Kendrick, Emeric Mistzi, Shaun Derrick, Toby Harris (capt.), Vick Hall, Andrew Moss)

Top Ten Round 2 results
Neil Kendrick40.44
Andrew Moss33.77
Nicholas Parish32.64
Bob Kendrick32.64
Matt McVeigh31.97
Colin Smith29.10
Guy Thomas28.54
Emeric Miszti26.71
Dave Wreathall26.62
John Colledge24.63
Rob Lozynskyjdo
Ivan Woodwarddo
Cumulative Tournament results after the Second Round
1. Keith Hiscock47.18 6.01=53.19
2. Ivan Woodward27.9624.63=52.59
3. Ken Bottomer40.15 10.04=50.19
4. Richard Williams27.9619.70=47.66
5. Mike Collins27.9617.50=45.46
6. Mark Wightman21.5323.73=45.26
7. Neil Kendrick0.540.44=40.94
8. David Norman22.4917.59=40.08
9. Suzie Horton16.3519.06=35.41
10 Emeric Miszti26.718.56=35.27
Round 3, Sunday, 42 players
Board 1 (Game Finished Autumn 1910)
AustriaColin Jackson00.5
EnglandEmeric Miszti819.58
FranceDanny Collman36.42
GermanyNeil Kendrick00.2
ItalyJohn Colledge1341.43
RussiaSusie Horton13.67
TurkeySteve Bibby923.25
Board 2 (Game Finished Autumn 1910)
AustriaGeoff Bache00.6
EnglandToby Harris1132.55
FranceAndrew Wroe00.3
GermanyNick Parish510.97
ItalyIvan Woodward36.65
RussiaDave Wreathall36.65
TurkeyMalcolm Dow1237.68
Board 3 (Game Finished Autumn 1907)
AustriaGuy Thomas14.43
EnglandFrancis Nuttman25.91
FranceSteve Cox512.87
GermanyMark Wightman928.06
ItalyMichelle Duncan512.87
RussiaDan Lester37.81
TurkeyPhil Day928.06
Board 4 (Game Finished Autumn 1909)
AustriaDave Horton511.78
EnglandMatt McVeigh00.4
FranceRob Lozynskyj614.67
GermanyEmily Read1240.15
ItalyJon Draper49.27
RussiaSimon Bouton717.95
TurkeyVick Hall00.3
Board 5 (Game finished Autumn 1909)
AustriaVesa Virri00.6
EnglandMike Calcutt1026.00
FranceRichard Williams1339.50
GermanyNic Chilton922.17
ItalyPete Duxon13.5
RussiaStephen Massey13.5
TurkeyKen Bottomer00.7
Board 6 (Game Finished Autumn 1908)
AustriaEdward Robinson00.4
EnglandMike Collins1232.7
FranceDavid Norman00.5
GermanyJeremy Tullett1232.7
ItalyPaul Clayson00.8
RussiaThomas Franke00.5
TurkeyDuncan Adams1024.53
Top Ten for Round 3
John Colledge41.43
Emily Read40.15
Richard Williams39.50
Malcolm Dow37.68
Mike Collins32.7
Jerermy Tullettdo.
Toby Harris32.55
Mark Wightman28.06
Phil Daydo.
Mike Calcutt26.00
Best Countries
Austria Neil Kendrick (13 centres, Round 2 Board 4)
England Keith Hiscox (14 centres, Round 1, Board 5)
France Richard Williams (13 centres, Round 3, Board 5)
Germany Emily Read (12 centres, Round 3, Board 4)
Italy John Colledge (13 centres, Round 3, Board 1)
Russia Simon Bouton (7 centres, Round 3, Board 4)
Turkey Malcolm Dow (12 centres, Round 3, Board 2)
Final Results for the Individual Tournament
(Players with three results drop the worst one)
Richard Williams27.9619.739.50=67.46
John Colledge24.6341.43=66.06
Mike Collins27.9617.532.70=60.66
Malcolm Dow17.9512.7637.68=55.63
Keith Hiscox47.186.01=53.19
Ivan Woodward27.9624.636.65=52.59
Mark Wightman21.5323.7328.06=51.79
Ken Bottomer40.1510.040.7=50.19
Toby Harris14.129.8932.55=46.67
Emeric Miszti8.5626.7119.58=46.29
Nic Chilton24.0322.17=46.20
Phil Day17.2228.06=45.28
Jeremy Tullett11.780.432.7=44.48
Nick Parish32.6410.97=43.61
Duncan Adams17.596.0124.53=42.12
Steve Bibby17.7523.25=41.00
Neil Kendrick0.540.440.2=40.95
David Norman17.5922.490.5=40.08
Rob Lozynskyj24.6314.67=39.30
Susie Horton16.3519.063.67=35.41
Simon Bouton16.357.7417.95=34.30
Dave WreathalL26.626.65=33.27
Guy Thomas28.544.43=32.97
Matt McVeigh31.970.4=32.37
Michelle Duncan10.7419.0612.87=31.93
Dan Lester6.4823.437.81=31.24
Vick Hall29.770.70.3=30.47
Mike Calcutt3.5826.0=29.58
Dave Horton14.677.8411.78=26.45
Jon Draper0.716.319.27=25.58
Joe Eagle3.7619.7=23.46
Mark Sheiham4.0119.11=23.12
Gary Duke14.126.90=21.12
Steve Cox5.8612.87=18.73
Mike Jordan0.717.35=18.05
Francis Nuttman11.645.625.91=17.55
Stephen Massey13.093.5=16.59
Pete Duxon3.710.043.5=13.74
Bob Holliday9.274.22=13.49
Colin Jackson6.90.5= 7.40
Paul Clayson5.930.8= 6.73
Thomas Franke0.54.780.5= 5.28
Roderick Easton0.74.3= 5.00
Andrew Wroe4.010.3= 4.31
Vesa Virri0.80.40.6= 1.40
Edward Robinson0.50.40.4= 0.90

The following only played one round and therefore did not qualify for the final cut:

Geoff Bache; Matthew Barratt; Sandra Bond; Danny Collman; Christopher Dearlove; Shaun Derrick; Tony Dickinson; Neil Duncan; James Hardy; Mick Haytack; Andy Hill; Colin Hobbs; Simon Hornby; Pete Kennedy; Bob Kendrick; Steve Jones; Andrew Moss; Emily Read; Paul S. Richards; Doug Rood; Colin Smith; Ray Smith; Mark Stretch; Mark 2 Wightman

So, congratulations to Richard Williams for winning what was a very tight contest. Certainly, whilst I knew who the contenders were for the title, it wasn't until I actually finished the scoring that I knew who had won.

Initimate Diplomacy (Iain Bowen)

This was won by Dan Lester despite some confusion at the time due to the fact people put confusing results up at the time. I had decided not to run this again, but Nick Kinzett has expressed a great deal of enthusiasm for it and will be running an expanded tournament next year for 16 players.

Croquet (Steve Jones)

Sixteen players entered
First Round
Nick Parrish d. Christopher Dearlove
Sid Ramage d. Alex Zbyslaw
Gihan Bandarnaiked.Colin Hobbs
Richard Walkerdined.Simon Hornby
Kevin McGowand.Ken Bottomer
Jim Readerd.Martyn Skillern
Jeff Bryantd.Geoff Kemp
Quarter Finals
Nick Parrishd.Sid Ramage
Richard Walkerdined.Gihan Bandaranaike
Kevin McGowand.Mick Haytack
Jeff Bryantd.Jim Reader
Semi Finals
Nick Parrishd.Richard Walkerdine
Kevin McGowand.Jeff Bryant
Nick Parrishd.Kevin McGowan(14-1)
Nick Parrish was therefore the overall winner of the Croquet Tournament.

Bridge (Mick Haytack)

There were 6 pairs with the winning pair being Alan Sharples and Brian Williams.

Railway Rivals (David Watts)

There were 28 entrants in the Railway Rivals tournament this year. The top three were as follows:
Geoff Kemp727
Carl Brittain697
Virginia Piper683

Rostherne Games (David Watts)

There were 18 entrants in the tournament of David Watts' annual tournament of two player games. The top three players are listed.
Geoff Kemp19pts
Jez Green17pts
Laura Kemp16pts


With several regular players absent for various reasons, this year saw a smaller than usual entry, needing several GM-managed teams. Fortunately, this didn't seem to detract from the enjoyment of the players. As an aside, the GM team names are all drawn from a certain United manager's long list of teams.
Group Results
Group 1
Inifinity Ritual3 2 0 1 3-3 4Chris Tyler
Lokomotiv Manorconski3 1 1 1 3-3 3Richard Clyne
Edinburgh City3 1 1 1 2-2 3GM
Ars Magna3 1 0 2 2-2 2GM
Group 2
Tufftaeh 3 3 0 0 4-1 6Lukas Kautsch
Sine Language3 1 1 1 1-1 3GM
Dirty B'Stards3 1 0 2 5-3 2Dave Thornton
Fireside Footballers3 0 1 2 0-5 1Alan Parr
Group 3
Burravoe United3 2 1 0 10-4 5Roger Ditchburn
Post Men3 1 2 0 4-3 4GM
Air Force3 1 0 2 5-8 2Dietmar Pfohl
Lathkill Mudhutters3 0 1 2 3-7 1Mick Haytack
Group 4
New York Rangers3 1 2 0 2-0 4Ian Lee
Ozventure 1003 1 1 1 2-2 3Martin Draper
The PRO's3 1 1 1 2-5 3GM
Ipswich3 1 0 2 6-5 2Duncan Adams
Group 5
Jam Makers3 1 2 0 4-3 4Bob Holliday
Hereford City3 1 1 1 3-3 3Simon Devereux
Lathkill Cottages3 0 3 0 2-2 3GM
N Vwls FC3 0 2 1 1-2 2Martin Burroughs
Group 6
Buds' Babies3 2 1 0 11-4 5Kevin McGowan
Druids XI3 2 0 1 4-8 4Steve Gregory
Grogblossoms3 0 2 1 1-2 2GM
AC Medoc3 0 1 2 3-5 1Richard Bass
Group 7
Portfolio Wanderers3 2 0 1 5-1 4Graeme Wallace
Liverpool Hsehld Objects3 2 0 1 5-4 4Adam Huby
WOW3 1 1 1 1-1 3GM
Sons of Ragnar3 0 1 1 1-6 1Joe Eagle
Group 8
Antidisestablishment.3 2 0 1 5-2 4Ryk Downes
Egg Beaters3 2 0 1 7-7 4Sid Ramage
Blind Drunk3 1 1 1 4-4 3GM
Republic of Oxford3 0 1 2 4-7 1Chris Dickson
Last Sixteen
Ozventure 100btJam Makers
Portfolio WanderersbtSine Language
Egg BeatersbtInfinity Ritual
TufftaehbtLiverpool HO
Buds' BabiesbtPost Men
Lokomotiv ManorconskibtAntidisestablishment.
Druids XIbtBurravoe United
New York RangersbtHereford City
Quarter Finals
Egg BeatersbtTufftaeh
Druids XIbtNew York Rangers
Buds' BabesbtOzventure 100
Lokomotiv ManorconskibtPortfolio Wanderers
Semi Finals
Druids XIbtEgg Beaters
Buds' BabiesbtLokomotiv Manorconski
Druids XI btBuds' Babies(1-0)
Steve Gregory was therefore the overall winner of the United event.

I have no details on the Sunday United events save that it was won by Lucas Kautzsch.

There was another unadvertised football event (and if you are going to do this, please don't do what the organisers did and turn up and expect an exclusive room to hold it in - contact us first) which was a fantasy football type thing. This was won by Mike Brian and Ryk Downes.

18xx (Richard Clyne)

The tournament was changed this year to reflect the wider range of 18xx games that are being played. A wide range of games was played with 1830 and 1856 being amongst the favourites.
1Willem van Tilburg6.8
2Steve Ogden5.42
3Danny Victor5.4
4David Smith5.25
5Ian D Wilson4.88
6Harald Steiling4.7
7Colin Harden4.67
8Dane Maslen4.3
9Steve Jones4.25
10Don Smith4.08
10Boudewijn van Schalkwyk4.08
10Tony Wheatley4.08
13Dave Anderson4.07
14Willem Moene3.88
15John Hopkins3.67
16Geoff Hardingham3.5
16Colin Smith3.5
18Steve Thomas3.33
19John Todd3.25
20Dietmar Pfohl3.21
21Kieth Loveys3.17
22Ian Pendlebury3.13
23John Scoan3.0
23Bert Herkendaed3.0
25Alex Zybslaw2.75
26Karl Brown2.5
26Ken Simpson2.5
28Bert Prinsen2.33
29Alan Harvey2.25
30Dave Thorby2.13
31Ian Wilson2
33Marcus Barbor1.5
33Simon Craddock1.5
35Richard Clyne1

OUTPOST (Dane Maslen)

17 games were played, involving a total of 39 players.
1 Willem Moene156.49
2 Judy Ferguson124.66
3 Keith Loveys124.09
4 Danny Victor121.50
5 Len George117.30
6 Lukas Kautsch116.37
7 Derek Wilson112.18
8 Dave Thorby110.61
9 Simon Craddock108.22
10Jan Wroblewski105.63

ACQUIRE (Dane Maslen)

16 games were played, involving a total of 39 players.
1 Neil Kendrick27.82
2 John Colledge27.40
3 Tony Wheatley24.88
4 Toby Harris24.83
5 Richard Biddle24.77
6 Mark Sheiham24.28
7 Guy Thomas23.97
8 Simon Hornby22.46
9 Chris Dickson21.98
10 Vick Hall21.23


The Die Seideler von der Catan results would belong here, but sadly they appear to have disappeared. This is my fault, Nick Parish sent them to me in plenty of time for the booklet and I have managed to mislay them.
See you next year. Iain