ManorCon Results 1994

Individual Diplomacy Results

ManorCon XII was also WDC IV. The tournament included players from Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

1Pascal Motagna28.911007.2314.94.45128.91
2Stephane Gentric7.1420.4810015.452146121 46
3Bruno Andre Giraudon27.824.3818.1641.4350.591.93
4Bjorn Von Knorring0.0955.630.0532.40.186.12
5Thomas Franke48.714.230.0821.96374186.12
6Vick Hall42.9326.990.0631.3339.1182.04
7Xavier Blanchot3.6825.2932.216.3848.7380.93
8Dan Horning41.5813.4431.4238.6219.780.2
9Roland Isaksson13.267.7719.2145.1632.8177.97
10Eric Roche4.0531.6414.8432.7744.6777.44
11Emmanuel Lorge12.7616.7446.5926.1687.374.75
12Clement Merville29.2139.350.060.0934.6774.02
13Jonathan Pollock49.8324.140.0373.97
14Thibault Constans45.7523.010.070.0627.773.45
15Lex Pater34.4136.9271.33
16Johannes Nesser13.3315.8341.154.0930.1771.32
17Simon Bouton26.9241.4316.7968.35
18Toby Harris27.3715.440.6313.090.0568.35
19Conor Kostick18.83020.0447.4867.52
20Chris Courtier0.0910.5734.8232.670.0867.49
21Nicholas Pilartz38.9527.715.980.0412.9766.66
22Joel Gronberg8.9914.4519.2144.520.0763.73
23Heikki Holmas18.7511.9130.5932.9163.5
24Guy Thomas21.9637.8259.78
25Eric Dufourmentelle12.7610.436.980.145.7358.49
26Francois Doucet0.068.3922.6713.0934.3256.99
27Thomas Andersson17.9538.350.070.070.0556.3
28Tony Hetherington28.4225.9154.3
29Shaun Derrick10.435.3241.6112.5454.15
30Todd Craig8.4218.7534 150.030.0652.9
31Paul Nilsson3.810.114.3437.825.3652.16
32Luke Ellis20.22031.6451.86
33Matt McVeigh38.3513.030.0651.38
34Bob Kendrick22.6713.26028.1619.750.83
35Samv Malki6.9322.5815.3828.1613.8250.74
36Vittoria de Pino30.833.4819.878.396.1750.7
37Jim Mills9.270.089.7240.475.8450.19
38Anders Faerden19.3829.4320.720.0550.15
39Thomas Seberan3.937.773.4824.1823.7347.91
40Christoph Schunck22.139.0624.0313.6746.16
41Adam Harris0.040.060.0345.160.0445.22
42Laurent Feldman0.0426.810.056.0117.8244.63
43Darren Sharma0.0735.990.036.2142.2
44Kern Dingsdale18.3823.149.3412.9241.52
45Chris Littlejohn15.380.0912.626.080.0741.46
46Andrew Moss26.0814.5640.64
47David Attias27.820.1011.876.7339.69
48Richard Walkerdine14.920.1435.04
49Per Westling9.7210.118.5416.310.l34.85
50Rob Lozynskyj25.240.068.7934.03
51Stephen Othen9.4424.2233.66
52Benoit Clergeot0.0814.4518.540.113.8232.99
53Robert Truchot7.746.4716.244.5316.132.34
54Phillippe Castets15.0204.860.0615.630.62
55Harry Bond10.4318.830.129.26
56Duncan Adams27.650.0227.67
57Mark Stretch16.85010.3427.19
58Charles Barthe7.7419.380.070 126.1127.12
59Richard Willams16.850.070.035.4910.1727.02
60Steve Cox21.795.0926.88
61Peter ShortalI13.770.044.330.0411.0924.86
62Mark Young24.670.0424.71
63Mike Jordan4.055.653.480.0618.7924.44
64Vincent Carry13.2610.430.074.4223.69
65Mick Dunnett4.119.5423.64
66Tom Lehmann022.4922.49
67Richard Biddle8.0413.7221.76
68Demis Hassabis7.2513.8221.07
69Mark Sheiham0.0520.3620.41
70Martin Sanders11.018.7319.74
71Kieron Quirke0.0919.210.119.31
72Paul Barker3.4914.79t18.27
73Jim Burgess8.040.049.3417.38
74Eric Marchand5.990.056.420.0710.4116.83
75Graham Leach0.0715.2615.33
76Larry Peery0.0610.594.4215.01
77John Sloan104.5314.53
78James Hardy0.0913.030.10.0813:13
79Nick Mills10.570.0910.66
80Alan Hirsch8.9900.
81Phil Jelly7.310.037.34
82Peter Molyneux6.730.16.83
83Steve Jones0.086.476.55
84Bert Princen0.056.476.52
85Don Del Grande4.840.030.064.9
86Paul Dowden3.630.040.083.71
=87Danny Collman0.073.53.57
=87David Owen0.053.523.57
89Paul Clayson0.120.030.15
90Mark Richer0.04 0.10 14
91Neil Kendrick0.060.050.060 12
=92Paul Deege0.040.060.l
=92Neil Munkman0.060.040.1
=92Tin Hoorens van der Berg0.

Team Diplomacy Results

1Team Sweden174.46
2The Also-Rans165.87
3Divines Toad142.78
4International Team139.44
5Cambridge University124.94
6Trojan Horse119.57
7Maggie's Iron Knights114.02
8Birmingharn University "A"109.28
9Not Age of Reason105.71
10Mad Policy83.34
11Smodnoc "L"71.53
12Spring Offensive52.7
13Oxford University50.54
15Imperial Frog36.38
17Bean's Club25.76

Best Countries

AustriaRoland Isaksson41745.16
EnglandJonathan Pollock31549.83
FranceThomas Franke11548.71
GermanyPascal Montagne218100.00
ItalyStephane Gentric319100.00
RussiaBjorn von Knorring21655.63
TurkeyEmmanuel Lorge31546.59

Tournament Directors Award

Adam Harris


38 players played a total of 14 games.

1Dane Maslen118
2Keith Loveys114
3Jeff Edmunds112
4Andrew Monaghan111
5Gareth Davies106
6Tony Wheatley104

Railway Rivals

A tournament over four rounds, each round played on a completely new map. Points earned in each game were combined.

41 players entered, of which 25 played all four maps and so were eligible for a tournament score.

1Andrew Glynn956
2Neil Rowlands903
5Steve Jones839
6Jim Reader825
7Dane Maslen781
8Kevin McGowan779
9Paul Tidridge775
9John Boocock775
11Tony Dickinson774
12John Gates766
13Nick Kinzett760
14Alan Foad759
15Steve Guest757
16Judy Ferguson751
17Frederick Fall747
17Virginia Piper747
19Jon Miles735
20Graham Austin733
21Blaise Hudson712
22Thane Duffield691
23Benoit Clerin688
24Kathy Collman673
25Jez Green671

Other Rostherne Games

Only 10 players entered this tournament. John Marsden won by a significant margin.


Stewart Cross beat William Whyte 26-25 in the final for his third successive victory


58 Players played a total of 37 games.

1Mark Sheiham34.10
2Simon Bouton33.27
3Mark Stretch30.32
4Nick Kinzett27 09
5Per Westling26.57
6Clive Palmer26.29
7Rob Lozynskyj26.16
8Graham Leach25 44
9Martin Sanders24.91
10Lex Pater24.71


50 players played a total of 20 games

1John Sloan14.96
2Jeff Edmunds13.72
3Danny Victor10.33
4David Smith9.57
5Willem Moene7 43
6Derek Wilson6.46
7Mark Sheiham4.53
8Mike Ferguson4.41
9Dave Thorby4.25
10Ian Pendlebury2.96


Pre Qualified Ian Andrews
Qualifying Games R Brown, T Dickinson, R Hunt, D Clarke, P Jelly, D Clarke, R Minson, M Skillern, V Piper, P Richards, N Duncan, N Kendrick, S Patel, G Topham, J Green, P Hoad, I Cudmore, P Norris, T Dickinson, I Hardy, C Kostick, V Hall, N Kendrick
The Final C Kostick, P Hoad, S Patel, D Clarke
The Winner Snehal Patel

World United Championships

The winner was Andrew McAlister, who won 2-1 after extra time against joint managers Dave Carter and Martin Draper.

Five a Side

1Birmingham International7pts
4Vampire Spunkmerchants from Hell3pts

Bridge (fours)

Was won by Brian Williams, Alan Sharples, Peter Stanton and Mick Haytack

Intimate Diplomacy

Was won by Mark Stretch

Pop Quiz

Was won by Paul Oakes