ManorCon Results 2017


The 18XX tournament had 22 players playing 16 games, a small decrease from last year's high. The games included three 1858, two 1846, two 1817, and one each of 1867, 1837, 1862 EA, 18BF, 1761, 1861, 18Ireland, 1837 l'Hexagone, and 1822. Although last year's champion Lyndon Gurr had three wins from five games, he could not compete with Steve Thomas' four wins from five games. Congratulations to Steve on winning the tournament.

1Steve Thomas54115.22
2Lyndon Gurr53110.79
3Dave Berry3184.44
4Danny Victor4175.23
5Francis Tresham1169.33
6Jon Draper5267.85
7Dave Thorby5166.89
8Ian D. Wilson4263.78
9Chris Dawe1060.38
10John Boocock4059.84
11Richard Walker1058.65
12Mikaela Munlander1052.40
13Tudor Badae5052.11
14Marcus Barber1049.23
15Oliver Burnett-Hall5145.53
16Geoff Hardingham3042.95
17Richard Clyne2040.86
18Hamish Hamilton3037.21
19Richard Wyncoll1032.84
20Antero Kuusi2026.56
21Colin Smith4015.91
22John Hopkins3015.00

Midnight Party

3 games - at Midnight on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

1Mike Townsend12107.33
2Timothy Luffingham126
3Ian Wilson8865.5
3Steve Guest10395.5
5Dave Holmes61045
5Tanya Lim5875
5Stuart Malaure965
8John Mitchell7644.25
9Alan Bellamy342.33
10Dave Cowie5111.75
11Richard Beattie31.5
11Gemma Haigh31.5
13John Harrington21
13James Faulkner21
15Chris Burnham10.5

Treasure Hunt

28 people in 5 teams tried to uncover the fake news. It was really really hard! The winners were The Firefoxes - Claire Bennett, Mark Fox, Chris Martin, James Richardson, Lucy Richardson, Mark Rigby-Jones.

Despite not being on the winning team, Phil Hannay has agreed to lead the organisation of next year's treasure hunt.

Pop Quiz

1Martin Burrowed Out82.5
2Team Fat Bastard70.5
3Olives Army64
4Don't Call Us, We'll Call You60
5Are you Jerry54.5
6Team Mars51.5
7Team 6 Near The Bar51