ManorCon Results 2015

Diplomacy Results

2015 saw ManorCon host EDC for the first time. Games were played to 1909, using the traditional ManorCon scoring system. 38 players took part, playing 14 boards over three rounds.

After the first two rounds, Cyrille Sevin was leading the tournament. His Sunday game also went well. He had a brief scare on Sunday lunchtime when he saw Brian Dennehy was on 14 centres after 1904 and had a potential solo looming. But Brian's game ended in a draw soon after, and with the third highest score of the round, Cyrille was able to cement his win - his first at ManorCon.

1Cyrille Sevin45.5319.2144.7299.85
2Tom Haver27.2523.8547.3386.51
3Brian Dennehy3.2131.1053.6786.38
4Conrad Woodring15.5735.7434.9478.47
5Emmanuel du Pontavic35.9920.0714.3463.23
6Tom de Greef31.8027.965.8262.67
7Philipp Weissert19.0614.2232.7058.87
8Jim Mills46.020.409.2755.49
9Dan Lester0.4051.3851.78
10Sascha Hingst40.790.309.2750.20
11Emeric Miszti34.023.2114.3449.97
12Marvin Fried17.4832.2349.71
13Fearghal O'Donnchu0.6032.4414.8647.59
14Giuseppe Salerno31.310.4014.6746.19
15Guy Thomas21.0520.740.5042.04
16Matteo Anfossi16.090.5025.6842.02
17Millis Miller17.4812.605.8232.99
18Davide Cleopatre19.0612.600.4031.86
19Chris Martin28.8928.89
20Laurent Joly5.0120.740.6026.05
21Dave Simpson0.604.8117.8923.00
22Dave Wreathall20.7420.74
23Vick Hall0.8019.240.5020.29
24Marco Noseda0.703.6114.3418.30
25Bjorn Jenske12.500.705.2818.13
26Shaun Derrick15.7015.70
27Mark Wightman3.9510.9314.88
28Bernard Andrioli11.620.500.3012.27
29Jean Louis Delatre8.300.503.3011.86
30Oliver Miszti0.500.705.916.86
31Owen Richards0.904.340.705.59
32Andrew Havery0.500.503.964.71
33Tjalling Sybesma0.900.600.401.70
34Marco Ferrari0.400.600.401.20
35David Norman0.800.80
36Toby Harris0.300.300.60
37Steve Massey0.400.40
38Robin Walters0.300.30

There was widespread hope that the Saturday round could be 7 boards so that the traditional ManorCon Team tournament could be run. But with only five boards, the teams were quickly rejigged into 7 teams of 5. Each team then drew a card to tell them the five powers they were playing, and allocated their players to the powers.

5 Dwarves106.91Brian Dennehy 31.10, Fearghal O'Donnchu 32.44, Sascha Hingst 0.30, Cyrille Sevin 19.21, Tom Haver 23.85
Team Orc89.81Dave Simpson 4.81, Giuseppe Salerno 0.40, Dan Lester 51.38, Owen Richards 4.34, Chris Martin 28.89
Dr Who68.21Andrew Havery 0.50, Guy Thomas 20.74, Mark Wightman 10.93, Conrad Woodring 35.74, Toby Harris 0.30
Something With Europe?61.99Bjorn Jenske 0.70, Tom de Greef 27.96, Tjalling Sybesma 0.60, Marvin Fried 32.23, Bernard Andrioli 0.50
Team Dalek59.30Jim Mills 0.40, Dave Wreathall 20.74, Emeric Miszti 3.21, Vick Hall 19.24, Shaun Derrick 15.70
In The Navy48.76Jean Louis Delatre 0.50, Philipp Weissert 14.22, Davide Cleopatre 12.60, Laurent Joly 20.74, Oliver Miszti 0.70
MI5 Service37.38Emmanuel du Pontavic 20.07, Millis Miller 12.60, Matteo Anfossi 0.50, Marco Noseda 3.61, Marco Ferrari 0.60

There were also the traditional Best Country awards, and the best non-foreigner awards as decided by the people of that nationality.

Best AustriaCyrille Sevin13 centres
Best EnglandTom Haver15 centres
Best FranceJim Mills15 centres
Best GermanyCyrille Sevin16 centres
Best ItalyTom de Greef10 centres
Best RussiaDan Lester16 centres
Best TurkeyBrian Dennehy16 centres

TD's AwardBrian DennehyFor getting to 14 centres as Turkey in 1904, killing three players in the process.
Most French Player (who is not actually French)Sascha HingstHe likes Chateauneuf-Du-Pape!
Most Belgian Player (who is not actually Belgian)Fearghal O'DonnchuHe drinks nice beverages, has fun with everyone whatever is happening, and keeps cool till the end. Life is to be enjoyed not stressed!
Most Dutch Player (who is not actually Dutch)Toby HarrisWe wouldn't have coffee shops without him!
Most German Player (who is not actually German)David NormanHis organisational skills and commanding tone are worthy of a true Prussian!
Most Italian Player (who is not actually Italian)Jean-Louis DelatreHe is as reliable as an Italian, and likes good food!
Most Irish Player (who is not actually Irish)Oliver MisztiFor being thrown out of a bar for being underage!
Most American Player (who is not actually American)Fearghal O'DonnchuHe's loud, drunk, obnoxious, you always know when he's in the room. But he's friendly, outgoing and loveable!


The 18XX tournament had 15 players playing 14 games, a slight increase from last year. The games included two 1846, two 1867, two 18EA, two 18GB and one each of 1817, 18Ard, 1858, 1861, 1826 and 1761. There were really only two players in contention for the top trophy after Saturday's games but despite one bad result, Lyndon Gurr had two overwhelming wins and an excellent third win, as well as a solid second. Congratulations to Lyndon on winning the tournament. Ian D. Wilson was the bridesmaid with four wins out of six; hard luck, Ian.

1Lyndon Gurr5398.32
2Ian D. Wilson6489.27
3Danny Victor4275.95
4Steve Thomas5172.28
5Geoff Hardingham3071.80
6Jon Draper6368.63
7Peter Eldridge5065.86
8Chris Dawe1060.87
9Ken Simpson6046.03
10Marcus Barber1044.53
11Dave Berry5143.68
12Colin Harden3041.20
13Dave Thorby5035.12
14Ian Haywood1031.07
15John Hopkins3026.03


Eleven people signed up in the end, so I randomly drew the match-ups with randomly selected folk getting byes in the first round. I had to chase up people when, by dinner time Saturday, no games had been played. Eventually, the games were played on Sunday, but I was disappointed at the no-shows for which I had to award walkovers. Congratulations to Marek for winning the first Challenge tournament at ManorCon. Unfortunately, he didn't find Mick Haytack cold in the shoot-out for the Croquet Champion, and Mick successfully retained his crown, winning 14-1; bad luck Marek. Next year, Mick will be automatically in the Final, and we will have a knock-out for the Challenge between every other player who enters to decide who faces Mick in the Final.

Sue Phillips?Sue Phillips6Bekki Honeybone3Marek Siejka14
Sean Bryne?
Bekki Honeybone Bekki Honeybone14
Martin Burroughs Martin Burroughs4Marek Siejka14
Marek Siejkaw/oMarek Siejka14
Richard Solomon 
Adam Siejka Conrad Woodring Conrad Woodring Stuart Stafford1
Conrad Woodringw/o
bye bye 
Bat Bat4Stuart Staffordw/o
Stuart Stafford14Stuart Stafford14
Philip Honeybone11


The Tzolk'in tournament was run by Paul Grogan from Gaming Rules! and sponsored by Czech Games Edition. A copy of the expansion going to the winner, and promo tiles going to everyone who took part. We had 9 people registered, so round 1 was three 3-player games, with the winner of each and best 2nd place going through to a 4-player final. Congratulations to Tanya Fox for winning the tournament - despite her initial assertions that she's not very good at the game!

Round 1, Game 1Steve Barry73Gary Duke64Steve Bailey36
Round 1, Game 2Tanya Fox143Gary Bailey48Iain Dryle34
Round 1, Game 3Matt McIntyre71Graham Wilkes67Philip Honeybone51
FinalTanya Fox96Graham Wilkes75Steve Barry56Matt McIntyre55


The ZhanGuo tournament was also run by Paul Grogan from Gaming Rules! and this time sponsored by What's Your Game? We had 6 people registered, although one of them forgot, so we had two games in round 1, a 2-player and a 3-player. The winner of each game, and the best second place went through to a final. In the 3-player game in round 1, there was a tie for first place - so in fact, all 3 winners from round 1 went through to the final. Matt McIntyre won the tournament, winning a copy of the game and a Gaming Rules! T-shirt.

Round 1, Game 1Steve Bailey197Andy Pelton194
Round 1, Game 2Matt McIntyre168Gary Bailey168Dave Anderson156
FinalMatt McIntyre202Gary Bailey152Steve Bailey143

Midnight Party

3 games - at Midnight on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

1Alex Zbyslaw141098.25
2Mike Townsend1297
3Dave Holmes111336.75
4Ian Wilson1065.33
5Steve Guest5875
6Alan Bellamy94.5
6John Mitchell8554.5
8Dave Cowie11154.25
9Neil Monkman574
10Timothy Luffingham463.33
11Tanya Lim712.67
12Stuart Malone612.33
13Chris Burnham2422
14Neil Rowlands31.5
15Gail Baker21

Treasure Hunt

23 people in 4 teams in a Richard III themed treasure hunt, won by Jerry Elsmore, Mark Fox, Vick Hall, Simon Hornby, Jen Marshall, David Tittle

Pop Quiz

Eight teams took part in this year's Pop Quiz, this year run by Phil Hannay. Once again, Phil mixed audio and video to make a very professional-looking quiz.

TeamRound 1Round 2Round 3PictureRound 4Round 5Round 6Total
Team Traitor131717*19201518136
We Blame Gordon18*151420111715125
Endless Nameless18181219111910*125
The Outstanding Managerial Record of Harry Redknapp91714*20181413119
The Mozartful Team19*15920101311116
Ritual Humiliation13171017141312*108
The Bar Team1751412342
Any Name Will Do46616

Congratulations to Mark Fox, Dan Lester, Mark Wightman, Phil Williams on their win.

The rounds were:

1Let it go alreadyIdentify the Disney film from the song
2The Era of the DiscName the artist and the studio album that these songs first appeared on.
3The Era of the Disk10 tracks played on floppy disk drive motors to identify
 Pictures20 pictorial representations of band names to identify
4Slow, Slow, Quick Quick Quick20 tracks "expertly" mixed together
5These are not the songs you are looking for 3: The Phantom MenaceIdentify the musical and the title of any other song from the musical.
6The Easy Round10 cover versions in an easy-listening style.
Joker Each team could play their joker at the start of a round (marked with an asterisk), and scored double for that round.