ManorCon Results 2014

Diplomacy Results

This year, the Diplomacy tournament changed format, with games shortened to 1907 to play in about four hours. A new scoring system was devised which aimed to keep the ManorCon tradition of rewarding divide-and-conquer, but with more emphasis on the divide element, to allow for the fact that some powers are much less able to become huge in a shorter game.

A small improvement in numbers saw three rounds played, with the tournament director not needed in any of the rounds. Achieving big scores in two of the three rounds, Jim Mills came out as the clear winner.

1Jim Mills4.4530.4738.9573.87
2Andrew Havery16.1025.9811.4253.50
3Dave Simpson33.0511.915.2450.21
4Graeme Murphy16.107.2317.4240.74
5Simon Chandler12.920.4020.9734.30
6Dave Wreathall12.9218.1631.09
7Steve Agg4.450.300.705.45
8Steve Massey0.700.70

In 2015, ManorCon will be hosting the European Championships, so we expect a much larger tournament, and the return of the world-famous ManorCon Team Tournament. The scoring system is likely to be something similar to 2014, but post-game analysis of the system has shown that the system used in 2014 has some flaws which would make it unsuitable for tournaments with multiple boards per round - so time for some more maths homework between now and next July!


The 18XX tournament had 17 players playing 13 games, a slight increase from last year. The games included three 18Ard, two 18GB, and one each of 1861, 1873 (Horzbahn), 18OE, 1870, 1858, 1846, 1761 and 18Africa. There were four players in contention for the three trophies on hand, but the multiple game winners (three of them!) all suffered at least one bad game which dragged their scores down, whereas Danny Victor had one overwhelming win, a very close second in a high scoring game and a very respectable position in a third. Congratulations to Danny on winning the tournament.

1Danny Victor31112.56
2Dave Berry4399.33
3Jon Draper4289.27
4Peter Eldridge5377.81
5Matthew Barratt3171.5
6Ian D. Wilson5171.12
7David Smith2168.53
8Steve Thomas3068.53
9Colin Harden1064.78
10Dave Thorby3163.27
11Mark Ashfield1051.3
12Simon Craddock1050.37
13Marcus Barbor1049.28
14Geoff Hardingham4032.61
15Allen Stanicus4017.98
16Ken Simpson607.3
17John Hopkins30-20.37


Seven people signed up in the end, so everyone got a bye in the first round. I gave Mick a bye for the second round as well, and randomly drew the match-ups - with an eight-sided die and a four-sided die! After doing the draw, the tournament more or less ran itself. Congratulations to Mick for winning it yet again.

Since the same faces seem to be winning it every year, I have decided that the tournament needs a re-design. Next year, Mick will be automatically in the Final, and we will have a knock-out between every other player who enters to decide who faces Mick in the Final and for the ManorCon Croquet Challenge, which will be a new trophy. The Finalists will play for the usual Croquet trophy.

Mick Haytack Mick Haytack14Mick Haytack14
Sue Philips6Stuart Stafford7
Stuart Stafford14
Richard Solomon3Philip Honeybone4Martin Burroughs1
Philip Honeybone14
Bekki Honeybone6Martin Burroughs14
Martin Burroughs14


16 players played in a three-round knockout tournament. The first round was four 4-player games, with the winners, second places, and best third place going through. The second round was three 3-player games, with the three winners and the best second place going through to the 4-player final to play for the tournament.

Peter Campbell, Ian Hayward and Andy Pelton all made it through to the final, where they lost to the tournament winner, James Faulkner.

Midnight Party

3 games - at Midnight on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

1Mike Townsend1096.33
2Steve Guest8976.00
3Niel Munkman3114.67
4John Mitchell5764.50
5Gail Baker6294.25
6Ian Wilson9524.00
7Tanya Lim743.67
8Alex Zbyslaw4463.50
9=Robert Cowan63.00
9=Rowan Baker63.00
11Dave Holmes2632.75
12Chris Burnham712.67
13Hannah Gordon-Smith42.00
14=Dave Cowie31.50
14=Gemma Haigh31.50
16Stewart Pilling311.33
17Stuart Malaure21.00
18Alan Bellamy10.50

Treasure Hunt

About 25 people in 5 teams, in a treasure hunt which only took about 1.5 hours. "Team Traitor" came out victorious, and won the rights (or should I say, obligation) to set the hunt next year. Congratulations to Gordon Aicken, Dan Lester, Chris Martin and Phil Williams.

Pop Quiz

Eight teams took part in this year’s Pop Quiz, this year run by Phil Hannay. Seven rounds of questions, with a mix of music which definitely didn't include any dubstep! Phil also had an array of videos on the screen to accompany the quiz, making a very slick production.

TeamRound 1Round 2Round 3LyricsRound 4Round 5Round 6Total
Cheating Pitch Invaders201412131820*13130
The boys are Bach in Town131210137*91687
5 point penalty for pitch invasions now161716*12111718123
Where's the quiche?101112*7412573
Team Fat Sofa191913920*1411125
Traitor Phil Must Die16161612121514*115
D4v3 & Teh N00bs121815*9171215113
Panic! At the Manorcon161217*691317107

Congratulations to Martin Burroughs, John Gates, Dave Gittins and Richard Ramsden on their win.

The rounds were:

1These are not the songs you are looking
for two: The artists strike back
Hear a top 10 UK song. Identify the artist (1 point) and a different top 10 UK song by the same artist (1 point)
2Crushed Potato in the SkyMashups of 2 songs: 1 point for each song title
3Who's theme is it anyway, Doctor?Cult TV Themes. Name the show for 1 point, 20 questions
 LyricsLyrics with word(s) missing, fill in the blanks for a point each. All blanks are board games
4Stop Yankovicing My ChainParody songs. Identify original song and artist (1 point each)
5... I Have No WordsClips of nonsense words/humming. Name song and artist (1 point each)
6Ancient Bronze Both WaysMetal covers of Classical music [name composer/piece for 1 point each] and Classical covers of metal songs [artist/title for 1 point each]
Joker Each team could play their joker at the start of a round (marked with an asterisk), and scored double for that round.

There was also the Dead or Alive bonus round. Short clips, then everybody votes whether the artist is dead or alive. Give an incorrect answer and you're out; last man standing wins. Congratulations to Dave Gittins for being the last player alive.