ManorCon Results 2013

Diplomacy Results

1Graeme Murphy24.0932.5556.65
2Dave Simpson42.938.6351.57
3Jim Mills0.4032.5532.95
4Keith Smith13.7716.7330.49
5David Wigglesworth6.703.7810.48
6Steve Agg6.700.707.40
7Steve Massey0.600.60
8Owen Richards0.400.40


The 18XX tournament had 17 players playing 10 games, a drop down from last year, although I am reliably informed that two unreported games were also played. The games included one each of 1761, 18FL, 1837, 1858, 1848:Australia, 1856, 1848, 1841:v.2, 1822, and 18Ard. About half way through the weekend, there was no obvious front runner. However, after Sunday's results came in, two big wins saw, respectively, Jon Draper recover from a bad first loss to second overall and a runaway win by Steve Thomas, with three wins out of four. Congratulations to Steve on winning the tournament.

1Steve Thomas43109.12
2Jon Draper32100.36
3Ian D. Wilson4189.27
4Peter Eldridge3077.81
5Dave Berry2071.50
6Ken Simpson2071.12
7Markus Barbor2168.53
8Ben Brown1168.53
9Danny Victor2164.78
10Geoff Hardingham2163.27
11Dave Thorby2051.30
12Chris Dawe1050.37
13Sam Brown1049.28
14Steven Redpath1032.61
15Jean Michalski4017.98
16Jean-Francois Lemire307.30
17John Hopkins30-20.37


1Chris Dawe0.2281/32/7
2Iain Alexander0.122-1/4
3=Mark Ashfield0.0000/30/3
3=Derek Wilson0.000-0/7
TDDane Maslen0.4692/34/7

St Petersburg

12 players played 3 games.

Rank Player Games Won Score
1Mark Ashfield2066.10
2Dane Maslen1164.53
3David Buckley1161.35
4Kevin Lee1159.09
5John Webley1055.25
6Mick Haytack1054.14
7Steve Jones1051.68
8Derek Wilson1051.16
9Pete Campbell1050.48
10Bill Mayling1047.48
11David Thornton1046.27
12John Marsden1040.93


Fifteen people signed up in the end, so I gave last year’s winner a bye in the first round, and randomly drew the match-ups - with an eight-sided die and a four-sided die! After doing the draw, the tournament more or less ran itself, although I had to chase up people, especially after some first round matches were not played on Saturday. It was disappointing to see some walkovers; I presume that these were agreed amicably. The scores of some of the matches were not reported; you’re slipping there, guys!

The final pitted Committee member Gary up against former champion Mick, with Gary prevailing this time. Congratulations to Gary on his fourth crown, and commiserations to Mick.

Mick Haytack14Mick Haytack14Mick Haytack14 Mick Haytack9
Phil Honeybone2
Paul Speckw/oPaul Speck4
Adam Siejka 
Bernard Thompson14Bernard Thompson?Stuart Stafford1
Bekki Warren6
Stuart Staffordw/oStuart Stafford14
Jim Winteler 
Mark Eddy?Sean Byrne?Marek Siejka11Gary Duke14
Sean Byrne14
Marek Siejka14Marek Siejka14
Sue Philips?
Timothy Luffingham14Timothy Luffingham1Gary Duke14
Martin Burroughs10
Gary DukeGary Duke14

Puerto Rico

22 players played 7 games.

1Paul Hoad2191.26
2Julie Richards2189.84
3Gary Duke2073.03
4Matthew Greet2072.72
5Paul Richards2072.59
6Ben Brown1171.97
7David Buckley1167.61
8Richard Beattie1164.60
9Mark Stretch1161.78
10David Thornton1159.78
11Richard Minson1057.97
12Peter Card1051.66
13Pete Campbell1050.96
14Andy Gregory1050.33
15Kevin Lee1049.68
16Steve Cox1048.68
17Mark Ashfield1046.96
18Bill Mayling1044.59
19Kath Collman1042.37
20Chris Paterson1040.72
21John Hopkins1039.82
22Bill O'Neil1036.23

7 Wonders

29 players played 6 games.

1John College2199.40
2Bill Mayling2188.38
3Pete Mason2083.37
4Jeremy Tullett2079.62
5Mark Stretch2077.25
6Rob Cowan1166.20
7Stephen Frye1165.26
8Nigel Pepper2064.89
9Mark Wightman1161.36
10David Thonrton1158.61
11Dan Lester1054.62
12Annie Percik1052.89
13John Marsden1052.58
14Philip Honeybone1052.54
14Kevin Shaw1052.54
16Bekki Warren1051.77
17Steve Jones1051.55
18Colin Evans1050.47
18Tom Garretty1050.47
20Matthew Mcintyre1048.68
21Simon Hornby1047.69
21Mark Rigby-Jones1047.69
23Kevin Lee1047.42
23Alex Brown1047.42
23Pete Campbell1047.42
26Chris Dearlove1044.81
27Hayley Croombs1039.40
28Dave Putt1037.85
29Paul Cook1034.62

Midnight Party

3 games - at Midnight on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

1Steve Guest1312108.75
2Andy Edgell126.00
3Tanya Lim10945.75
4Mike Townsend1165.67
5Neil Munkman7394.75
5Gail Baker3974.75
7Dave Holmes8644.50
8Ian Wilson6924.25
9Michael Milford84.00
9John Mitchell5474.00
11Alex Zbyslaw41013.75
12Stuart Malaure1013.67
13Dave Cowie172.67
14David Anderson31.50
15Steven Bedpath21.00

Treasure Hunt

Three teams competed in the treasure hunt, solving puzzles to receive clues to try and find the stolen rules to Dr. K's new game, and to find the thief. Team One solved the final puzzle at the first attempt, and thus won the hunt, and with it, the rights (or should I say, obligation) to set the hunt next year. Congratulations to Dave Durant, Mark Fox, Annie Percik, David Tittle and Katy Walters

Pop Quiz

Eight teams took part in this year’s Pop Quiz, this year run by Phil Hannay. Seven rounds of questions, and a very strange mix of music!

TeamRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Round 7JokerTotal
The Famous Five14178191518818117
Did Steve tell you perchance?149121513151012100
Team Fat Roll149715111781192
Jelly Tots1591010111771796
Return of the Quiche713910111641383
Team Fat Rock75517101151171
The Castleford Ladies Magical Circle994104106658

Congratulations to Martin Burroughs, John Gates, Dave Gittins, Ian Le Brocq and Timothy, the dog on their win.

The rounds were:

1Robot Sex ButcheryDubstep remixes. 10 songs butchered horribly into dubstep versions. 1 point each for artist and title of original song
2When is round number 1?Name the year. 10 mixes of number 1 hits from the same year. Name the year for 2 points, a year either side for 1 point.
3The are not the songs you are looking for10 songs. For each song, name the artist and title of a different song (not a cover) that has the same title. 1 point for artist, 1 point for title
4Lyrics17 lyrics. Name the song for 1 point each. Take the first letters of the answers to make a new lyric, 3 points for naming that song.
5Find someone to rescue Princess Zelda!Find the "Link" round. 9 songs - 1 point each for artist and title. Then 2 points for the connection.
6Iron the BedsheetsMetal Covers. 10 pop songs covered by Metal bands, 1 point each for song title and original artist
7Poly Glot a Cracker20 songs in distinct languages. Name the language for 1 point each
JokerEach team could play their joker at the start of a round (in bold), and scored double for that round.