ManorCon Results 2012

Diplomacy Results

Rank Name Friday Saturday Sunday Overall
1Dave Simpson27.2529.5829.1058.68
2Rob Kinsey19.0624.8143.87
3David Wigglesworth7.5829.583.9237.16
4Steve Massey29.5829.58
5Callum Perry27.250.800.7028.05
6Steve Agg0.700.7024.8125.51
7Theo Dodgson5.7411.3817.12
8Keith Smith9.843.430.8013.27
9Tom Garretty0.500.50

Diplomacy Challenge Results

Intended to be a competition for the best result on the Saturday, for those who didn't want to play multiple games of Diplomacy, the only board was an 11-11-11-1 tie between three people, none of whom were prepared to fight for the board top, and all three of whom had forgotten that there was a prize for the best Saturday result! Therefore rather than sawing the trophy in three, this wasn't awarded.

Best Countries

Best Austria Dave SimpsonSunday Board 110 centres
Best England Callum PerrySaturday Board 19 centres
Best France Dave SimpsonSaturday Board 111 centres
Best Germany David WigglesworthSaturday Board 111 centres
Best Italy Dave SimpsonFriday Board 19 centres
Best Russia Steve MasseySaturday Board 111 centres
Best Turkey Theo DodgsonSunday Board 15 centres

Tournament Director's Award

Awarded to Lucy Dodgson, for being the only player nobody could stab (Except when she wasn't looking...)

(Lucy was Theo's younger sister, who plays Diplomacy with the family at home, but was too young to play in the tournament. Before the first game, Dave Simpson was saying how nobody could stab someone that cute - until she turned to look at everybody else, and he started vigourously nodding behind her. As soon as she turned back, he want back to calmly shaking his head again).


The 18XX tournament had 21 players playing 16 games, one less respectively than last year. The games included three of 1861, two of 1829 Mainline, and 1 each of 1846, 18Ard, 1826, 1822, 1858, 1817, 1837, 1812, 1847, 1880 and 18GB. The tournament was graced this year with the presence of Francis Tresham, the designer of the original 1829, and without whom this tournament would not have been possible. About half way through the weekend, you could hardly see daylight between the scores of the eventual first and second placed players, but after Sundayís results came in, we had a runaway win by Danny Victor, with three wins out of three. Congratulations to Danny on winning the tournament for, I believe, the first time.

1Danny Victor33113.81
2Ken Simpson5281.06
3Ian D. Wilson4278.22
4Francis Tresham2173.23
5Marcus Barbor2173.11
6Dave Goldthorpe1172.27
7Dave Thorby3067.27
8Peter Eldridge3164.68
9Lyndon Gurr7263.36
10Jon Draper4061.34
11Ben Brown1059.56
12Stephen Webb5158.75
13Geoff Hardingham4056.06
14Steve Thomas4149.43
15Chris Dawe1048.14
16Richard Clyne4144.31
17Matthew Barratt3040.13
18Greg Payne1034.51
19Dave Berry3026.62
20Mark Wright1026.32
21John Hopkins2023.65


17 players, 37 games. Unlike last year there were no 2-player or 5-player games entered into the tournament.

1Chris Martin0.5861/25/5
2Chris Dawe0.3814/74/13
3Adam Huby0.3201/43/6
4Derek Wilson0.2843/63/14
5=Steve Thomas0.246-3/5
5=Richard Payne0.246-3/5
7Dane Maslen0.2042/52/12
8=Peter Campbell0.145-1/3
8=Helen Payne0.145-1/3
8=Eric Norton0.145-1/3
11Iain Alexander0.0881/61/10
12=Zara Stuart0.000-0/2
12=Terry Warren0.0000/60/9
12=Sam Brown0.000-0/5
12=Raf Swinscoe0.000-0/2
12=Katy Walters0.000-0/1
12=Jake Hanny0.000-0/2

St Petersburg

18 players played 9 games.

Rank Player Games Won Score
1Andy Gregory2195.45
2Matthew Greet3295.30
3Andy Bate2193.95
4David Buckley2192.98
5Jack Rudd2190.41
6Ian Harris2081.90
7Bill Mayling5080.53
8Kevin Lee1161.32
9Karianne Fog Heen1159.50
10Timothy Luffingham1054.67
11Callum Perry1052.00
12Gary Duke1051.98
13Peter Campbell1051.34
14Steve Jones1050.96
15Chris Paterson1047.46
16Mark Stretch1045.50
17Dave Thornton1041.38
18JP Houghden1037.33


Ten people signed up in the end, so I gave everybody bar four a bye in the first round, and randomly drew the match-ups - with an eight-sided die and a four-sided die! After doing the draw, the tournament more or less ran itself, and I didnít really need to chase people up; well done everybody!

There was a desperately close match between Phil Honeybone and Timothy Luffingham. I understand that after getting both of his balls to the peg, Phil successfully pegged out one ball with his croquet shot, but left himself wired from the peg, and Timothy was able to clean up; unlucky blow, Phil. The final pitted fellow Committee members Gary and Nick in a repeat of last yearís final, and Gary prevailed again. Congratulations to Gary on his third crown, and commiserations to Nick.

Gary DukeGary Duke14 Gary Duke14 Gary Duke14
Stuart StaffordStuart Stafford5
Timothy LuffinghamTimothy Luffingham14 Timothy Luffingham1
Phil Honeybone14Phil Honeybone13
David Robson5
Bekki Warren10Martin Burroughs14 Martin Burroughs3 Nick Harrison 4
Martin Burroughs14
Rachel RobsonRachel Robson7
Marek SiejkaMarek Siejka5Nick Harrison14
Nick HarrisonNick Harrison14

Puerto Rico

22 players played 7 games.

1Matthew Greet3196.13
2Bill Mayling4195.90
3Timothy Luffingham2186.87
4Gary Duke2185.30
5Chris Patterson2083.09
6Dave Thornton1166.04
7James Owen-John1162.88
8Jack Rudd1161.16
9Nicola Widdowson1056.91
10Paul Oakes1051.72
11David Buckley1051.23
12Kevin Lee1050.65
13Andrew Pymont1049.26
14Sean Pritchard1048.03
15Phil Davies1047.43
16Steve Jones1047.29
17Alan Bellamy1046.46
18Mark Ashfield1045.45
19Ian Harris1043.14
20Richard Beattie1043.10
21Andy Merritt1041.33
22Andy Bate1039.82

7 Wonders

1Philip Honeybone52117.28
2Karianne Fog Heen32112.85
3Chris Patterson52108.86
4Stephen Webb62106.11
5Bekki Warren51104.96
6Zara Stuart21103.30
7Justin Beech62100.47
8Ian Harris31100.39
9Matthew Greet6199.23
10Mark Stretch2194.06
11Bill Mayling9192.62
12Kevin Lee2085.02
13Andy Bate3082.42
14Martin Holden2081.74
15Andy Gregory2080.19
16Andrew Lightwing2079.66
17Alan Bellamy2076.42
18Steve Massey2073.86
19John Colledge2073.04
20Kath Collman2071.30
21Helen Payne2069.57
22Sam Brown2068.07
23David Goldthorpe1167.41
24James Goodman1161.25
25Jim Payne1060.73
26Raf Swinscoe2055.74
27David Van-Cauter1055.21
28Ian Harris1048.12
29Simon Wilcock1046.56
30Richard Frost1045.54
31B Dylan1044.79
32Lucy Dodgson1041.76
33Chris Taylor1041.33
34Terry Warren1040.46
35Steve King1039.58
36Michael Milford1039.47
37Richard Payne1037.22
38Andrew Simpson1037.11

Midnight Party

3 games - at Midnight on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

1John Mitchell13776.75
2Neil Monkman12835.75
3Chris Martin115.50
3Ian Wilson15615.50
5Dave Cowie875.00
5Steve Guest10195.00
7Dave Holmes41124.25
8Alex Zysslaw7454.00
9Jonathan Elcock293.67
9Mike Townsend923.67
11Gail Baker7343.50
11Ian Watters73.50
13Stuart Malaure463.33
14Alan Bellamy21.00

Treasure Hunt

Four teams hunted for treasure on the island of Catan. The team who made the mistake of winning, and therefore have to set the treasure hunt next year, were "The Red Team" - Mark Jones, Timothy Luffingham, David Norman, Phil Williams.

Pop Quiz

Nine teams took part in this yearís Pop Quiz, once again run by David Norman. Seven rounds of questions, including some of the quizmasters favourites from last year, and some new rounds.

Team MLSD ConnectionsPolyphonicFacesMegamix Quick Fire Cover VersionsJoker Total
Connect 414.5161612191418*18127.5
Team Fat Sofa9.515*181619112015123.5
It Legibly7.5172014.5171017.5*17.5121
Team Fat Bastard8152091611*1711107
Team Fat Barstool411*19620121711100
S Bar Massive6.5417*91610151794.5
Sod the Quiche9141413118*11786

Congratulations to Alex Anastasiou, Phil Davies, Hannah Gordon-Smith and Niki Widdowson on their win.

The rounds were:

MLSDThe Million Love Song Drop - 8 multi-choice questions. Select as many answers as you like, but you score more points if you select fewer answers - provided you selected the right one.
ConnectionsNine tracks to name the song and artist. Question 10 is what connects the answers. This year, either the song or artist contained a US President.
Polyphonic Round10 well known tracks from Bohemian Rhapsody to Bjork, played as polyphonic ringtones. Name the song and artist.
FacesPictures of 20 famous people from the world of music. Name the people.
Megamix10 tracks mixed together to create one new track. Name the ten songs and artists.
Quick Fire20 tracks in 80 seconds. Name the songs.
Cover VersionsCover versions of well known songs, including Bill Bailey playing Metalica - Enter Sandman on a xylaphone of car klaxons. Name the song and original artist.
JokerEach team could play their joker at the start of a round (marked with a *), and scored double for that round.

With David having made the mistake of winning the Treasure Hunt, Phil Hannay will be running the Pop Quiz next year.