ManorCon Results 2002

Individual Diplomacy Results

This year once again saw a successful Diplomacy Tournament, and with ManorCon now being a stop on the European Diplomacy Grand Prix, we once again had a significant number of foreigners. Friday saw 6 boards. 10+ centre results in round 1 for Niclas Perez, Dan Lester, Jeremy Tullett, Iain McLellan, Mark Wightman, Eve Smith and Dave Wreathall.

Round 2 saw 9 teams, including several regulars - "There's Only One 'F' in Oxford", "Team Fat Bastard" and "TCP", as well as some old teams under new names. 11+ centre results for Mark Stretch, Simon Bouton, Brian Dennehy, Mark Sheiham, Dave Percik, Ivan Woodward and Yann Clouet.

After two rounds, Simon Bouton was leading, but with a very small margin over the chasing pack. Unusually the Sunday results were more conservative than Saturday - usually Sunday is the day for big scores. But still there were 10+ centre results for Cyrille Sevin, Chetan Radia, Jeremy Tullett, Lee Simpson, Ivan Woodward, Demis Hassabis and Mark Wightman.

So, the final results were :

1Niclas Perez50.50.322.0572.55
2Simon Bouton22.3247.323.4269.64
3Jeremy Tullett32.642.9635.6368.27
4Ivan Woodward8.9635.9929.7765.76
5Cyrille Sevin15.915.7749.0264.92
6Brian Dennehy12.7640.3119.0659.36
7Dan Lester33.7723.8412.3857.6
8Mark Wightman29.123.2427.6656.76
9Fearghal O'Donnchu0.826.9925.4152.4
10Dave Wreathall2923.0152.01
11Paul Riley17.3532.149.45
12Mark Stretch49.020.349.32
13Demis Hassabis16.6729.7746.44
14Emeric Miszti5.232.3713.4845.84
15Eve Smith2915.770.944.76
16Morgan O'Shea24.7219.144.0143.86
17Chetan Radia5.864.8436.8842.74
18Simon Hornby24.8115.6440.45
19Patrick Carlsson24.8114.45139.26
20Yann Clouet3.9234.410.938.33
21Mark Sheiham37.7537.75
22Frank Johansen3.9225.4112.0137.42
23Dave Percik37.2837.28
24William Attia10.0419.2917.7537.04
25Tony Nichols14.4519.0633.51
26Iain McLellan29.10.44.0133.11
27Lee Simpson0.40.631.9732.57
28Erlend Janbu16.450.913.4829.93
29Steve Agg22.624.5627.18
30John College3.922.6226.52
31Andrew Greco16.454.329.8426.29
32Michael Goetze0.813.6212.526.12
33Richard Huzzey25.2925.29
34Andreas Ziethen24.240.60.624.84
35Richard Williams10.235.3211.6421.88
36John Stratford20.1310.321.13
37Nick Kinzett19.4619.46
38Phil Hannay19.2919.29
39Philippe Clavaud11.386.290.817.67
40Andrew Hartley0.515.6416.14
41Doug Massie3.9212.0115.93
42Peter Richardson15.7715.77
Pete Mason15.7715.77
Rob Lozynskyj15.7715.77
45David Norman3.6312.0115.64
46Gordon Aickin0.712.6613.36
47Dave Anderson13.213.2
48Paul Cook9.939.93
49Abdullah Handcock9.889.88
50Keith Smith8.
51Danny Collman7.827.82
52Gihan Bandaranaike6.060.56.56
53Vick Hall5.20.80.46
54James Hardy5.215.21
55Sean O'Shea0.
56Declan Waters4.364.36
57Keith Richards3.523.52
58Toby Harris0.51.11.6
59Richard Collins0.50.40.9
60Shaun Derrick0.80.8
Philip Gardner0.80.8
62Nigel Pepper0.70.7
Tony Dickinson0.70.7
64James Pinnion0.50.5
Paul Hirst0.50.5
66Neil Duncan0.40.4
Phil Williams0.40.4

Team Diplomacy Results

There's Only One "F" in Oxford153.44
Tony Dickinson0.7
Phil Williams0.4
Mark Sheiham37.75
Mark Stretch49.02
Gordon Aickin12.66
Andrew Hartley15.64
Dave Percik37.28
Team Blank128.81
Niclas Perez0.3
Brian Dennehy40.31
Fearghal O'Donnchu26.99
Cyrille Sevin15.77
Toby Harris1.1
Yann Clouet34.41
Paul Cook9.93
Team Fat Bastard123.7
James Hardy5.21
Emeric Miszti32.37
Mark Wightman23.24
Iain McLellan0.4
Simon Hornby15.64
Dan Lester23.84
Dave Wreathall23.01
Team Mostly Harmless114.21
William Attia19.29
Erlend Janbu0.9
Paul Riley32.1
Patrick Carlsson14.45
Frank Johansen25.41
Philippe Clavaud6.29
Peter Richardson15.77
The Best Asians, An Old Man, A Young Boy and a Magic Player93.15
John College22.62
Richard Collins0.4
Demis Hassabis16.67
Simon Bouton47.32
Chetan Radia4.84
Vick Hall0.8
Gihan Bandaranaike0.5
Morgan O'Shea19.14
Tony Nichols14.45
Danny Collman7.82
Lee Simpson0.6
Steve Agg22.62
Rob Lozynskyj15.77
Sean O'Shea0.6
TCP Team65.56
Neil Duncan0.4
Ivan Woodward35.99
Richard Williams5.32
Pete Mason15.77
Shaun Derrick0.8
Jeremy Tullett2.96
Andrew Greco4.32
The Real Oxford University Diplomacy Society Team60.61
Declan Waters4.36
James Pinnion0.5
Philip Gardner0.8
Abdullah Handcock9.88
Phil Hannay19.29
Paul Hirst0.5
Richard Huzzey25.29
Truth Drug35.72
David Norman3.63
Keith Smith0.4
Andreas Ziethen0.6
Michael Goetze13.62
John Stratford1
Eve Smith15.77
Nigel Pepper0.7

Best Countries

Best AustriaJohn ColledgeSaturday Board 49 centres
Best EnglandBrian DennehySaturday Board 413 centres
Best FranceNiclas PerezFriday Board 615 centres
Best GermanySimon BoutonSaturday Board 216 centres
Best ItalyLee SimpsonSunday Board 110 centres
Best RussiaYann ClouetSaturday Board 611 centres
Best TurkeyCyrille SevinSunday Board 315 centres

Tournament Directors Award

For his two rear-guard actions in the first two rounds, the second of which saw him, whilst owning only Portugal, orchestrating negotiation on the other side of the board, the Tournament Director's award goes to Richard Williams.

Die Siedler Von Catan

Following last years sharp drop in the number of games played, this year saw a return to the 2000 level, with 41 games. However, the number of players who played at least one game once again remained roughly the same at 79.

1Markus Welbourne543.77
2Philip Honeybone341.54
3Philip Gardner538.10
4Mark Ashfield236.96
5Laurent Nguyen436.08
6James Pinnion535.29
7Sid Ramage335.28
8Sarah Jones334.33
9Dave Percik234.13
10Richard Huzzey432.10
11Charles Patrick331.70
12Roger Boden330.83
13David van Cauter230.72
14Declan Waters530.41
15Alan Scase630.33
16Chris Dickson330.19
17Mark Sheiham230.18
18Tanya Fox429.53
19Gordon Sweeney329.36
20Bill Mayling228.98
21Mark Stretch428.76
22William Baldwin428.26
23Roger Ditchburn228.16
24Don Smith226.90
25David Goldthorpe125.83
26Christine Jones325.68
27Peter Bethell624.51
28Matthew Greet324.41
29Dylan O'Donnell224.40
30Ian Wilson122.85
31Tony Wheatley322.61
32Colin Jones222.29
33Mark Rich621.92
34Angela Caunce121.66
35Chris Dawe121.66
36John Todd319.68
37Tony Nichols219.45
38Nick Parish219.35
39Ian Harris219.32
40Gary Duke116.34
41Andrew Huddleston116.31
42Mark Wright216.05
43Martyn Skillern116.04
44Eric Norton115.83
45Clive Haden115.78
46Steve Cousins215.41
47Jon Berry215.05
48Geoffrey Delage214.95
49Gordon Robinson114.83
50Chris Swanston114
51William Attia113.25
52Martin Butcher113.03
53Peter Card112.99
54Michael Colad112.26
55John Boocock112.18
56Lyndon Gurr111.86
57Dave Thorby111.86
58David Tittle111.86
59Phil Williams111.54
60Tony Dickinson211.26
61Richard Beatie110.94
62David Hopkinson110.71
63Andy McGarry110.64
64Shaun Byrne110.33
65Seth King110.17
66David Blowers110
67Philippe Clavaud110
68David Mueller19.62
69Mark Devry19.57
70Heather Barrett19.39
71Andy Atkinson19.26
72Steve Jones19.26
73Martin Holden19.05
74Steve Barry18.47
75K. Garland18.33
76Malcolm Booker18.00
77Phil Creed17.69
78Richard Brown17.14
79Peter Haslehurst16.15


26 players played a total of 17 games. Stephen Webb played 7 games.

1Lyndonn Gurr5.36
2Danny Victor4.40
3Tony Bromley3.83
4David Hecht3.75
5Stephen Webb3.61


Nick Parish14 Nick Parish14 Nick Parish14 Nick Parish14 Nick Parish
John Blackwell3
Geoff Brown12 Keith Loveys7
Keith Loveys14
Lewis Foad12 Philip Honeybone11 Phil Williams4
Philip Honeybone14
Phil Williams14 Phil Williams14
John Ellam10
Marcus Watney4 James Hardy6 Kevin McGowan9 Mick Haytack11
James Hardy14
Kevin McGowan14 Kevin McGowan14
Richard Clyne8
Mick Haytack14 Mick Haytack14 Mick Haytack14
Martin Burroughs2
Leigh Collins2 John Colledge10
John Colledge14


44 Players played a total of 15 games.

1Kevin Lee1147
2Bill Mayling1123
3Lyndon Gurr1120


25 players played a total of 9 games

1Simon Craddock1285
2David Smith1236
3Len George1236

Puerto Rico

148 players played a total of 79 games !

1Gordon Sweeny1313
2Scott Burns1305
3Luke Ellis1301
4Markus Welbourne1290
5Gordon Robinson1268
6Gary Duke1264
7Martin Holden1262
8Philip Gardner1240
9Richard Minson1236
10Keith Loveys1217

Lost Cities

Just 9 players playing 5 games

1Gordon Aickin1.230
2Tanya Fox0.500
3Kevin Lee0.130
4Phil Williams0.034
5Mark Stretch-0.046
6Lewis Foad-0.125
7Chris Dearlove-0.333
8Dave Percik-0.350
9Simon Hornby-0.611

Midnight Party

12 players played 3 games - at Midnight on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

1Keith Rapley5.5 (2 wins)
2Steve Grant5.5 (1 win)
3Dave Holmes5.0


Unfortunately the authors of "Blank" were unable to attend. However, they did send us a copy of the game, so we had a short tournament to decide who wins it.

1Mark Wightman and Dave Percik106
2David Tittle and Kath Collman103
3David Tittle and Sid Ramage98
4Jones and Chris Boote85
5Mark Wightman and Dave Percik82
6Tanya Fox and Eric Norton59
7Richard Huzzey and Ben Haytack29
8Paul Hirst and Phil Hannay28

Treasure Hunt

8 teams of up to 5 players took part. It was won by Geoff Brown, John Gates, Jo Flowers, Ben Haytack and Gordon Sweeney