ManorCon XL Update!

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ManorCon is moving this year to a more central, newer location at the University of Leicester's Freemen's Common Campus, Leicester, LE2 6BF.

While ManorCon has moved, it will still provide onsite ensuite single accommodation in an onsite Accommodation Block with breakfast included. Freemens Kitchen and bar will host meals including lunch and dinner.

This year, the second hand game sale (SGHS) will return, alongside the music quiz and other activities.

Parking will be in the multistorey, 11 Putney Road, LE2 7TF. There will be a flat rate price for the car park for the weekend, but this must be booked in advance. Once booked, multiple entries and exits are possible to the multistorey car park as your car registration will be recognised by the system.

The venue is situated just outside the city centre, a mile South of Leicester railway station. Bus service 48 regularly runs direct from the city centre and station to the venue. The 47 will take you back in the opposite direction.