Games Organiser

Here's the link to the Official ManorCon XL Games Organiser google sheet. Delve in here if you want to organise some or all of your ManorCon weekend, with as much detail as you'd like. Or totally wing it. Or a bit of both.

It can be difficult to find folks to play the game you want to play when you want to play it amongst a convention of a couple of hundred people or more. It can be difficult to know what games to pack to take to a convention of a couple of hundred people or more, so here's a little something that could help you sort things out in advance! Featuring tabs for each day, a Wish List and a tab for folks to link to their collections on sites such as BGG, this sheet should meet your scheduling needs.

Please note that this is a link to a public document. ManorCon takes no responsibility for the use or misuse of any information that you place therein and also takes no responsibility at all if Steve Jones whups you at De Vulgari Eloquentia.