Virtual ManorCon

Virtual ManorCon will take place over the weekend that Manorcon would have been held on - i.e. 16-19 July. We are using the same basic framework we used last year. The convention will be centred around a Discord server, which will provide facilities for attendees to talk, either via text chat, or by voice (similar to a conference call).

Attendees will first need to set up a Discord client; these are available for Windows, MacOs, Linux, iOS, and Android. Go to to download a client, set up an account, and learn how to use it. You will need a headset, or speakers and a microphone (laptops, tablets and, of course, phones will often have such facilities built-in), or some other way to handle two-way audio. You should ensure that your system is set up and working in advance.

Once you have Discord working, you will need to add the ManorCon server to it by using this link:

You will be able to arrange ad-hoc games in the Discord chat. Alternatively, you can pre-arrange games by entering them into a Google sheet. You can also add your name if you are interested in any games that someone else has added.

Each virtual table will be represented by a Discord voice channel - simply pick an empty channel and move all the players to it.

Attendees are left to decide what method to use to play games - whether via websites/online services such as BoardGameArena, Tabletop Simulator (TTS), Tabletopia, or Yucata; via specific web-based or app implementations of specific games; or even by sharing a video feed of the physical game on a table.

We look forward to meeting (virtually!) as many of you as possible over the weekend.