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2017Steve ThomasMidnight Party Mike Townsend
2016Graeme MurphyLyndon GurrMick HaytackMidnight Party Mike Townsend
2015Cyrille SevinLyndon GurrMick HaytackTzolk'in Tanya FoxMidnight Party Alex Zbyslaw
2014Jim MillsDanny VictorMick HaytackTzolk'in James FaulknerMidnight Party Mike Townsend
2013Graeme MurphySteve ThomasDominion Chris DaweGary Duke7 Wonders John ColledgeMidnight Party Steve GuestPuerto Rico Paul Hoad
2012Dave SimpsonDanny VictorDominion Chris MartinGary Duke7 Wonders Philip HoneyboneMidnight Party John MitchellPuerto Rico Matthew Greet
2011Graeme MurphyJuho SpellmanDominion Steve ThomasGary DukeRace for the Galaxy Dave ThorbyAcquire Mark StretchPuerto Rico Steve Jones
2010David NormanJuho SpellmanDominion Chris MartinMick HaytackRace for the Galaxy Stewart PillingAcquire Mark StretchPuerto Rico Peter Campbell
2009Emeric MisztiJon DraperDominion Chris MartinMick HaytackRace for the Galaxy Steve ThomasAcquire Peter WoodwardPuerto Rico Kevin Lee
2008Mick DunnettPeter EldridgeDie Siedler Von Catan Mark StretchGary DukeRace for the Galaxy Danny VictorAcquire Gary DukePuerto Rico Mark Ashfield
2007Emeric MisztiPeter EldridgeDie Siedler Von Catan David van-CauterMick HaytackOutpost Lyndon GurrAcquire Vic HallPuerto Rico Steve Jones
2006Gihan BandaranaikeLyndon GurrDie Siedler Von Catan David ManuelMick HaytackOutpost David SmithAcquire Mark StretchPuerto Rico Matthew Greet
2005John StratfordDavid SmithDie Siedler Von Catan Markus WelbourneMick HaytackOutpost Len GeorgeAcquire Tony RossPuerto Rico Markus Welbourne
2004(WDC) Yann ClouetSteve ThomasDie Siedler Von Catan Phil WilliamsNick ParishOutpost David SmithAcquire Bill MaylingPuerto Rico Len George
2003Ivan WoodwardJon DraperDie Siedler Von Catan Peter BethellMick HaytackOutpost Philip HoneyboneAcquire Mark StretchPuerto Rico Steve Jones
2002Niclas PerezLyndon GurrDie Siedler Von Catan Markus WelbourneNick ParishOutpost Simon CraddockAcquire Kevin LeePuerto Rico Gordon Sweeny
2001Niclas PerezKeith LoveysDie Siedler Von Catan Richard ClyneNick ParishOutpost Len GeorgeAcquire Philip Honeybone
2000Connor KostickLyndon GurrDie Siedler Von Catan Mark SheihamKevin McGowanOutpost Jeff EdmundsAcquire Matthew Greet
1999Dan LesterDave AndersonDie Siedler Von Catan Mark SheihamKevin McGowanOutpost Willem MoeneAcquire Bill MaylingIntimate Diplomacy Chetan Radia
1998Dave HortonDie Siedler Von Catan Duncan AdamsKevin McGowanIntimate Diplomacy Simon Hornby
1997Mark WightmanDie Siedler Von Catan Duncan AdamsKevin McGowanOutpost Len GeorgeAcquire Mark SheihamIntimate Diplomacy Geoff Bache
1996Richard WilliamsWillem van TilburgUnited Steve GregoryNick ParishOutpost Willem MoeneAcquire Neil KendrickIntimate Diplomacy Dan Lester
1995Jim MillsWillem van TilburgUnited Bart HubyStewert CrossOutpost Steve ThomasAcquire Mark StretchIntimate Diplomacy Shaun Derrick
1994(WDC) Pascal MontagneDane MaslenUnited Andrew McAlisterStewert CrossOutpost John SloanAcquire Mark SheihamIntimate Diplomacy Mark Stretch
1993Jim MillsDane MaslenUnited Kev BrownStewert CrossAcquire Mark StretchIntimate Diplomacy Shaun Derrick
1992Phil DayDane MaslenUnited Andrew McAlisterStewert CrossAcquire Toby Harris
1991Toby HarrisJeff EdmundsUnited Ian Le BrocqKeith LoveysAcquire Tony Ross
1988(WDC) Phil Day

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