ManorCon is a large board games convention that has been running since 1983. The 250+ attendees each year stay and play in a large, modern University Hall of Residence with bar and canteen facilities and ample room for both tournament and open gaming. There is free car parking available and the site is also within easy reach of public transport, Oadby and the City Centre of Leicester.

These days, ManorCon features primarily open boardgaming, alongside occasional tournaments and perennial favourites such as the Pop Quiz and the Treasure Hunt. The games played range from old favourites such as Power Grid, Imperial, Puerto Rico and Perudo (always more fun after a couple of beers), to relatively recent games like Terraforming Mars, Scythe, Azul and Century Spice Road. There are two formally organised tournaments, 18xx and Midnight Party. The 18xx games are played on an Ad Hoc basis - just find a group of players to play, write the result down on a results sheet, and hand it in for scoring at the end of the weekend. Unsurprisingly, the Midnight Party rounds start at midnight each night of the convention!

If this sounds like a good idea, then why not come along and give it a go? You could sign up just for the day to start with, or jump in the deep end and go for the whole weekend. And if it sounds like fun, but you don't recognise any of the games mentioned above, then don't worry, people are always prepared to teach beginners - how do you think we learned to play?! If you are still not sure, why not drop us an e-mail, and ask more about it, or come on over to the Faceebook group and talk to some of the regulars.